Tuesday, July 5, 2016

End our tour at Capitol Reef National Park Utah

We just finished our last day as camp ground hosts here at Capitol Reef National Park and we will be out of here heading to Prove Utah on Thursday the 7 of July.  But before we go I guess we should post some more pictures of the Park all taken in the last two weeks or so.

We hope to get the engine on the motor home serviced on Friday and maybe spend the weekend in Salt Lake City and then into Wells Nevada and the Ruby Mountains for a couple of days.

Hope you enjoy.

Our campsite for the last four months taken today


One of the Apricot orchards ready to pick this week.
Another view from our camp site.
Waiting for the sun to drop below the clouds.
Here it comes.

Just about ready to set.
Just more beautiful natural formations


We went camping last week for a few days to a National Forest site and woke up one morning to this guy standing outside our rig just daring us to come out and play.
To be continued...

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