Saturday, April 19, 2008

take the kids fishing...

So I decided to get up early today (5:30 AM) and get some pictures of the fishing derby that is held every year here at Ping Pond in Oasis Park. It goes from 6 to 8 AM with lots of good prizes for the kids. The largest fish was 8.25 pounds so they did stock some big fish. The pond will be fished out in the next few weeks but the kids will keep trying all summer long.

11 days 6 hours

Saturday, April 12, 2008

night sounds at Oasis...

Don't bother looking at this video, but do listen to it if you are interested in hearing what the sounds at the pond in Oasis park sound like at night. It's kind of hard to take a video at night but if you see the UFO it could be a quick shot of the moon. It's all of 2 minutes long so close your eyes, turn out the lights and picture yourself sitting with us next to the pond with a nice camp fire going to ward off the evening chill and just listen.

Yes there will be smores later.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

What a beautiful morning next to the pond behind our RV at Oasis Park in Ephrata. Make sure the volume is up and listen for all the birds and ducks that greet us every morning. If you look close you can see a Muskrat swim by when I pan back to the left. See if you can pick out the Owl.

The Red wing black birds started to arrive early February and the sounds change every day, and I should say that they also increase every day.

It's great to be alive.

23 days 7 hours

Friday, April 4, 2008

So by popular demand from all my fans here are some more modifid photos of mine that I have played with in the past. Lots of fun to see what one can do with a picture.

From this:

To This:

And This:

From this:

To this:

And This:

And this:

From This:

To This:

Do you want more?????
It's time to stop playing and go take the snow tires off of Jackie's car.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Give me air, lots of air...

Our bedroom window is an emergency escape exit only so that leaves us with vents in the ceiling and one small window that opens only about 4" square. Because of this we do not get much ventilation in this room.

Thanks to friends on the "Montana Owners" website I found that the window manufacturer makes a sliding escape window that will open and has a bug screen on it. I ordered one and it came the other day, I took the old one out and installed the new one and now we have some cross air ventilation in the bedroom. I was not happy with the way it latched as the little catch had only two very small screws in it but thought it would be okay.

Then I talked to my RV dealer and he told me about several of these windows that have been sucked out of the trailer while it was going down the road. That would not be a good thing so yesterday out came the window again, I modified the catch so it could not come apart. The only thing was that I had to take the window out 3 times before I got it right. I did get a few looks from strangers walking by wondering if I was trying to get into the trailer through a window that was about 10' off the ground.

I got it done and it works. Why is it that the easy jobs take the longest? Now I am going to move my toilet back 3" to make more leg room in our little toilet room. Wish me luck...