Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Yellow-headed blackbird at St. David Arizona

We spent a few day at St. David Arizona and one day on a ride back to town Dick came to a screeching halt and pulled a U-turn all from 55 miles per hour.  There in the middle of a field was a flock of birds several hundred thick.  Out comes the cameras again just in time to get some shots of what turned out to be a flock of yellow-headed blackbirds.

This is one blog posting that you need to click on some of the pictures and see them in a larger format.

Just lifting off.

Starting to spread out and turn.

What a sight against the beautiful blue sky with the clouds in the background.

As they circled, what Dick calls a butt shot, they lost all color and now they just look like blackbirds.

From the side you got a good look at the yellow heads and the white on the wings.

Still in the air and all bunched together was really a great sight to see.  Can't figure out how they kept from knocking each other down.


To be continued...

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Nuevo Progreso, Mexico shopping

We finally made it to Harlingen Texas just a few miles North of the Mexican boarder and have made two trips to Nuevo Progreso just across the Rio Grande river.  You pay $2.00 parking, 50 cents to walk across the boarder and then 30 cents to get back out of Mexico.  On every street corner you can find several people who will be happy to lead you to a great Dentist, Doctor, get new glasses or fill just about any type of prescription drug you need.  Or you can just walk up and down the streets and purchase just about anything made in Mexico or China from hundreds of street venders.

  We found several huge stores with row after row of pottery of every kind, clothing, horse tack, and the list goes on and on.  We went up to the third floor of one building and started to be concerned if we were going to drop through the floor.  Here are a few pictures of what we found in the bigger buildings.  Great prices, cheaper than WalMart but too heavy to carry across the boarder.  Even if we did , what would we do with them?

Love all the bright colors.

These ladies stand over 4' tall.

A big smile from one of them.

Just for fun, we found an artist's work in an ally.

In a Antique store on this side of the boarder we found these being restored.  Cute but what could they be?

Bar stools, what a great idea, NOT says Jackie.

Sorry to say these are all cell phone pictures.

To be continued...