Friday, October 4, 2013

Oregon coast and a covered bridge or two

Yes, it's us, back again after all these months that we have spent with family and friends around Washington.  We camped with the family and the girls hosted a great 70th birthday party for Dick at Lincoln park in Seattle.
Now we are slowly heading our way back to Arizona for that winter sun.  We are currently on the Oregon coast and our trip started by leaving Westport Washington and then heading to Long Beach Washington where we hunkered down for the big bad storm with winds to 75 MPH.  We made it from there in the wind as far south as South Beach Oregon. 
Here are a few pictures a day or two after the storm with the ocean still boiling.

Walking the beach yesterday we ran across this strange formation, where the waves had washed out the dirt between the rocks.

Not man made, thank you Mother Nature.

In another part of the beach we found shell fossils in the rocks.

What a mess with all the kelp that was torn from the ocean and deposited on the beach in huge piles.

This gives you a typical example of the size of the piles.  CC could care less but she did have a great time running circles on the hard packed sand.

I guess this is one way to exercise your dog on the beach?  (Not for us, thank you.)

We took several forest service roads going East from the ocean and headed up into the mountains for a few hours where we found two of Oregon's covered bridges.  If you drive through this one it goes another 100 yards and the road ends in someone's home in the woods.

Turning around and driving several more forest service roads we found the second covered bridge that was rebuilt just a few years ago.  With nice fresh paint.

We headed back west in time for a nice walk on the beach again.
With a few clouds we bid you a fond farewell as the sun prepares to set over the Pacific Ocean for another day.  (Reminiscent of another of Dad's pictures, girls?)

We plan to head east on Monday and would like to spend a few days at Modoc National Forest Obsidian Mines to see how much obsidian we can get in the basement.  Any thoughts on a place to camp in that area?  Southeast area of Goose Lake in Northern California.

To be continued...