Thursday, October 30, 2008

Redding California area

Other things we did in the Redding, CA area-- We rode our bike along the river trail. I think the trail was about 5 miles. Who is Dick's friend?
Oh, Jackie knows him, too. (And he seems to have acquired a helmet--maybe he'll ride with us!)

The Sundial Bridge is absolute gorgeous. It is a pedestrian, bike, bridge only. And probably beautiful at night, although we didn't have a chance to see it. The deck is all glass with lights under it. The trail we rode was by this bridge, and one day we took CC for a walk over the bridge and walked along the Sacramento river.

A drive along a local road revealed this old mine. The area used to be full of mines but are all closed now.

Another view of the mine:

To be continued...

Castle crags

North of Shasta Lake we came upon Castle Crags State Park. Unfortunately the trail to the viewpoint was closed. However, we were able to get a view of the mountains from a road next to the park.
Just a hint of color in the trees.

Along the road was this colorful river.

The sun was just about ready to set behind the hill so it was time to head back home.

And more mountains.

To be continued...

Back under-ground

One day while in the Redding, CA area, we went on the Shasta Lake Caverns tour. It included a bus ride down to the lake, a boat ride across the lake, another bus ride up to the caverns, and the caverns themselves, which included at least 600 steps. These caverns were quite different from the ones in Montana (Lewis & Clark), and very interesting.
We had gone there the day before only to find out that it was closed for a special party. Not happy campers to have to drive back. But it was worth it.

I forget what these little squiggly forms are called, but they are unique to these caverns.

Not as much color as in Montana.

Like we said not a good as the caverns in Montana but an interesting formation.

A very interesting tour, and good exercise to boot!

To be continued...

Who pulled the plug?

This is Shasta Lake?!!! Who pulled the plug? This marina has been moved several times as the level of the lake dropped about 64'. You can see the high point (last seen in May of 2006) at he tree line. We learned that several marinas on the lake have folded beause of the problems with lack of rain. Need a large houseboat? I think there are a lot for sale around here.

The truck in the picture was driving back up from the boat launch. The "road" down to the ramp is dirt (lake bottom). It, also, has been moved numerous times as the water dropped. We drove down, past campgrounds which were high and dry, and over the dry lake bed. Another view of the same marinea. Notice the pole in the foreground. The marker on top is there so the boats won't hit it as it us just under water at the top. The bottom of the pole is at the top of the hill a long way from the waters edge.

A view from the dam which created the lake. Several boats are out. But we wondered how fun it would be to rent a houseboat and only have dried lake bed to pull up to? I guess we were really spoiled by our friends the Baileys who took us houseboating on Shushwap Lake in BC.

Another marina. We wondered how the people renting houseboats got their gear down to the boat?

And a last look at what used to be the lake. Our guide on the trip to the caverns (at a later post) told us that once the rain starts, the lake can raise 18 feet in one day! Everyone here is hoping for a good winter with lots of rain and lots of snow in the mountains so the lake fills again.

To be continued...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Help, we can't get out...

Our next stop was Stone Lagoon Campground, north of Trinidad, CA. They have a sign on their barn/store that says "1st Elktember". Can you see why? When we first got there, the elk were across the fence. Dick went out to take pictures--I think he took a total of 50+.
And here was one taken from inside--we really were surrounded and not sure if we should go out. And that buck you see, he wasn't taking kindly for anyone getting close to his ladies! This is Jackie sitting at the desk looking out the window.

This young lady was separated from the group, and probably ten feet from our 5th wheel in the morning when we woke up. She was sticking out her tongue at us, I think saying "you can't scare me".
Would you want to tangle with this one?!! And he had at least 25 females and some fawns. I know he was thinking go ahead and see if you can get from your RV to the truck faster than I can.

He was moving the "herd" across the fence and away from that crazy guy with the camera! Can you see the threat in his eyes?

It was an exciting place to camp and we loved it (well Dick and Jackie did--as for CC, she wasn't sure she wanted to go outside!).

To be continued...

Tree hugger...

When we first got to California we stayed at Crescent City, just north of the famous Redwood National and State Parks. Look closely and you'll see tree hugger, Dick. He couldn't quite get his arms around this huge redwood. Walking through this grove was absolutely amazing. It was kind of cool as we were the only one's in the park at this time. Very quiet so no one saw Dick doing his thing. Only took him an hour to get the bark out of his teeth.
And the ferns were almost as tall as Jackie! Unfortunately, we had to leave CC in the truck as dogs are not allowed on the trail. Of course, we might have lost her in the foliage! I think one more week and there would have been a lot more yellow in the leaves. Oh well we needed to move on.

A beautiful ivy-like plant was growing out of this dead redwood. Just a little hint of red foliage, I guess you needed to be there to really see the beauty.

Jackie had to work at climbing up to sit on this dead redwood. Can you see her there? Wow what a site all those huge trees that could be turned into firewood.

And here is our big pickup, dwarfed by these monstrous trees. A beautiful scene, but hard to describe.

We so enjoyed our time at Crescent City, seeing several groves of redwoods, several beaches, and a lovely little city.
To be continued...

Friday, October 24, 2008

California has an ocean...

This will be a short Blog as we are in the "DEAD ZONE" and you will have to hold off until we get better Internet connection. so stay tuned for "Tree Hugger" and "Help we can't get out" to be posted next week.

After we left Oregon and I saw the last of the ocean I was happy to find out that there is an ocean in California. It's interesting what you learn on the road. (LOL)

We again spent some time at the beach, but this time it was in Crescent City, California. Still sunny and cool but still enjoyed the time on the beach again. Dick's back went out so could not spend as much time walking and looking for treasurers as we wanted.

You can walk out to the lighthouse at low tide. This picture is looking south and
we drove through town and took this one looking north. Crescent City is a nice town to visit and if you are looking for a new house with an ocean view there must have been 10 of them in a 1/2 mile stretch. Never did get up the courage to check prices.

It was 88 degrees today where we are at now, but more about that later.
To be continued...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Could this be the last of Oregon?

We've been in Lakeside, OR for the last week. We're at Osprey Point RV Park, which is right on the lake. We are a few rows in, but have a nice view out the back of the lake. We've driven all over the area in the last few days. Last night (Saturday) we went to the Mill Casino in Coos Bay for their Early Bird Special (mmm), then stayed to see the Colgate Country Showdown, Western Regional Finals. The talent was very good. We had never done anything like that before. And today we went to church at the Covenant UMC in Reedsport and met a woman who grew up in the Ephrata UMC. It was fun talking to someone who knows many of our friends.

Here is a photo of a dune seen at one of the many parks.

And more sea lions on the rocks just off the coast. Yes all the little dots at the bottom of the rock are sea lions.

The pattern in the sand made by the wind and water was fascinating.
A storm coming in.
The docks on the lake at sunset.
We took a hike in the woods part way around a lake and we ran across this fungi. No big thing as you see it in the woods all the time except the stem on the left is only about 1/8" in diameter and I had to get down on my belly to get the shot. (Dick)

And finally for those that need their ocean fix, this could be the last video of the Oregon coast ocean beach. As I (Dick) am taking this I am keeping a keen eye out for the waves that are getting higher and higher up the beach. You can tell that Jackie is having more fun watching me backing up while taking the video and had no idea of why I was telling her to "Run". They say "never turn your back on the ocean".

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Big and tall on the beach

Before we departed Florence area of Oregon we took one last walk on the ocean beach just before sunset and it sure feels good to be so tall. Our dog must have grew over 2' tall.

We moved on Monday to Lakeside, Oregon and will get out today and see some of what this town has to offer. We will be here for a week ($8.00 a day) so have to take advantage of the good price. It finally was a shorts day yesterday and we even cooked and ate breakfast outside today.

to be continued...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

crabbing, beach and treasurers..

On one of the colder days we took a trip along the Siuslaw river (pronounced Si-oo-slaw) just before it dumps into the ocean. Here is a dock that was built out over the river for crabbing. I think the crab season is all year long so it's a big thing around here. It should be when they sell fresh crab at $8.00 per pound or crab meat at $32.00 per pound. No crab for us.
Just down the road from the dock is the south jetty. We are walking the jetty looking at the north side and the rough condition on the bar. It's a very narrow passage so the boats have to be very careful when crossing it.
Looking back up river here is Jackie and CC heading back from the jetty to the warm truck.
We went north to Newport, Oregon and enjoyed walking around the port. In the distance is one of the bridges on Highway 101 crossing the river. We did stop and get some fresh tuna to cook for dinner. Dick checked the web for recipes, then fixed the tuna. It was delicious!

For all the other beach lovers who can't be with us, here is a picture looking south along the ocean.
Yesterday we went to the beach again and spent some time looking for agates. As you can see, we had some success finding some agates and also some pretty shells. The rule in our family is that you can't go to the beach with out bringing home a treasure. (Of course we also have a rule, "If you bring something into the 5th wheel, something has to go.") Luckily, we had gone to the local thrift store earlier in the day and Jackie had donated several items.
Just a couple of shots of an old boat on the shore in front of our camping site. This is the Siuslaw river that we are camping on.

To be continued...