Saturday, October 11, 2008

crabbing, beach and treasurers..

On one of the colder days we took a trip along the Siuslaw river (pronounced Si-oo-slaw) just before it dumps into the ocean. Here is a dock that was built out over the river for crabbing. I think the crab season is all year long so it's a big thing around here. It should be when they sell fresh crab at $8.00 per pound or crab meat at $32.00 per pound. No crab for us.
Just down the road from the dock is the south jetty. We are walking the jetty looking at the north side and the rough condition on the bar. It's a very narrow passage so the boats have to be very careful when crossing it.
Looking back up river here is Jackie and CC heading back from the jetty to the warm truck.
We went north to Newport, Oregon and enjoyed walking around the port. In the distance is one of the bridges on Highway 101 crossing the river. We did stop and get some fresh tuna to cook for dinner. Dick checked the web for recipes, then fixed the tuna. It was delicious!

For all the other beach lovers who can't be with us, here is a picture looking south along the ocean.
Yesterday we went to the beach again and spent some time looking for agates. As you can see, we had some success finding some agates and also some pretty shells. The rule in our family is that you can't go to the beach with out bringing home a treasure. (Of course we also have a rule, "If you bring something into the 5th wheel, something has to go.") Luckily, we had gone to the local thrift store earlier in the day and Jackie had donated several items.
Just a couple of shots of an old boat on the shore in front of our camping site. This is the Siuslaw river that we are camping on.

To be continued...

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