Thursday, October 30, 2008

Who pulled the plug?

This is Shasta Lake?!!! Who pulled the plug? This marina has been moved several times as the level of the lake dropped about 64'. You can see the high point (last seen in May of 2006) at he tree line. We learned that several marinas on the lake have folded beause of the problems with lack of rain. Need a large houseboat? I think there are a lot for sale around here.

The truck in the picture was driving back up from the boat launch. The "road" down to the ramp is dirt (lake bottom). It, also, has been moved numerous times as the water dropped. We drove down, past campgrounds which were high and dry, and over the dry lake bed. Another view of the same marinea. Notice the pole in the foreground. The marker on top is there so the boats won't hit it as it us just under water at the top. The bottom of the pole is at the top of the hill a long way from the waters edge.

A view from the dam which created the lake. Several boats are out. But we wondered how fun it would be to rent a houseboat and only have dried lake bed to pull up to? I guess we were really spoiled by our friends the Baileys who took us houseboating on Shushwap Lake in BC.

Another marina. We wondered how the people renting houseboats got their gear down to the boat?

And a last look at what used to be the lake. Our guide on the trip to the caverns (at a later post) told us that once the rain starts, the lake can raise 18 feet in one day! Everyone here is hoping for a good winter with lots of rain and lots of snow in the mountains so the lake fills again.

To be continued...


Deanna said...

Those pictures are impressive. Here's to hoping for rain!

A. Doll said...

Rain, they need rain, give me a call.