Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sharing time together...

Tuesday we (Jackie and I) took a ride North to see some of the sights along the Oregon coast. We stopped at Heceta Head Lighthouse and hiked up to the top and spent some time looking over the old lighthouse.

After getting back to the truck we decided that it was time to take CC out for a run on the beach. It was a small cove with the ocean waves beating on the shore with the afternoon sun glistening on the water. One side was rocky and the other was a large sandy beach. Just what our dog loves.

There were three ladies sitting on a log sharing a bottle of wine and enjoying the view. They stopped us and asked us to take some pictures of them. I obliged and took several pictures from both directions. We went on our way after a short conversation and while walking CC we talked about how it was great to see three generations of a family being able to get together and enjoy time together and this beautiful beach.

On the way back to the truck, seeing that they where still there, I picked up 3 rocks from the beach and handed each of the ladies one with the explanation that they should each take it home and put it on a windowsill so each time they saw it they would remember this day and the time that they spent together. They where all flabbergasted and thanked us for doing this. We continued to talk and we told our story about our travels without destination or time-line. They all indicated that that was exactly what they were talking about, and us coming up to them and telling our story had just changed their lives. The oldest, 82, said we had just made her day and gave her encouragement to do “just what I want”.

One lady indicated that if we walked the beach holding hands would make this a just perfect day. Well, I guess if you know us you can guess that we departed hand in hand back to the truck.

What a beautiful moment for them and also for us.


Deanna said...

That was a lovely story. Thank you for sharing.

And I like your new blog banner too!

Amy said...

What a great story!

michelle said...

Awesome story! When you take your walks, do you carry your personal information cards with you? You should carry one with just your blog on it so you can share the rest of your story with people like that.
And I LOVE the new look too!!

Dick & Jackie said...

We do and we did. I gave them one of our cards with the Blog and our email address and told them that I was going to post to our Blog. Maybe some day one of them will post a comment. Would love to see it.