Monday, September 1, 2014

Yaquina Lighouse and Fort Warden State Park and grandkids.

On the way north from Arizona back to family in Washington this "just for fun" picture is called
" and one flew away" taken in central California.
We found this Olympia Beer can in a field in central California.

Another stop was on the Oregon coast where we hiked to the top of  Yaquina Lighthouse.
Most people go to the top and shoot down, this is at the bottom looking up to the top.


Go out the back door and the rocks are covered with birds and birds and birds.  And it smells like it.

Another view from the other side looking inland.

Finally made it back to Washington and had a fun day with two of our granddaughters at Fort Warden near Port Townsend Washington built about 1910.  A fun day with Daisy and Dani.



And finally don't forget to stop and smell the roses at Evergreen Coho Escapees park in Chimicum Washington.

Or just hold one to share.

To be continued...