Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Yellow-headed blackbird at St. David Arizona

We spent a few day at St. David Arizona and one day on a ride back to town Dick came to a screeching halt and pulled a U-turn all from 55 miles per hour.  There in the middle of a field was a flock of birds several hundred thick.  Out comes the cameras again just in time to get some shots of what turned out to be a flock of yellow-headed blackbirds.

This is one blog posting that you need to click on some of the pictures and see them in a larger format.

Just lifting off.

Starting to spread out and turn.

What a sight against the beautiful blue sky with the clouds in the background.

As they circled, what Dick calls a butt shot, they lost all color and now they just look like blackbirds.

From the side you got a good look at the yellow heads and the white on the wings.

Still in the air and all bunched together was really a great sight to see.  Can't figure out how they kept from knocking each other down.


To be continued...