Saturday, June 16, 2012

Shenandoah National Park's Skyline Drive

Another National Park to check off our list the other day.  Shenandoah National Park's Skyline Drive was a beautiful trip.  It follows the crest of the Blue Ridge mountains for 105 miles but we only traveled about 2/3 of it before dropping off the the 3500 foot elevation and heading back home.

We will let you enjoy the pictures.

Mountain Laural and other beautiful flowers were in full bloom all through the Park.

We are now in Seffner Florida making another change in our lives so maybe next week we will share some pictures of our new home.  Looks like we will start our move next Tuesday.
To be continued...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Garfield NHS & Ohio covered bridges

 We said the next posting was to be more of Washington DC but decided to skip ahead to another Washington that we went to so we could do some family research.  Jackie's COOK family came from Washington, Washington County Pennsylvania.  We spent a few days there but could not find much, but we tried.

From there it was off to Ohio and splash in Lake Erie and camped in Jefferson Ohio.  We camped next to a couple we had briefly met last winter in Florida, Ralph and Kathy Haney and spent a couple of days visiting covered bridges with them.

We visited James A. Garfield National Historical Site.  This was the home of President Garfield and after his death his wife and family maintained the home for years.

The home was added onto several times and included this library on the second floor with lots of seating and included a large window seat.

What a beautiful and relaxing room.

We spent 2 days checking out some of the many covered bridges in the area with Ralph and Kathy.  It was great to share some time with good people and we had a great stay.

We had to get our pictures in another Blog, so why not under a covered bridge.

We will just leave the remaining pictures for you to enjoy without descriptions of each.

We can't close without a little description of this, the shortest at 18'  covered bridge in the Country.  It's also the newest, and Kathy and Jackie agreed that it doesn't have near the personality of the older ones.  But, hey, it is the shortest!

To be continued...