Sunday, October 19, 2008

Could this be the last of Oregon?

We've been in Lakeside, OR for the last week. We're at Osprey Point RV Park, which is right on the lake. We are a few rows in, but have a nice view out the back of the lake. We've driven all over the area in the last few days. Last night (Saturday) we went to the Mill Casino in Coos Bay for their Early Bird Special (mmm), then stayed to see the Colgate Country Showdown, Western Regional Finals. The talent was very good. We had never done anything like that before. And today we went to church at the Covenant UMC in Reedsport and met a woman who grew up in the Ephrata UMC. It was fun talking to someone who knows many of our friends.

Here is a photo of a dune seen at one of the many parks.

And more sea lions on the rocks just off the coast. Yes all the little dots at the bottom of the rock are sea lions.

The pattern in the sand made by the wind and water was fascinating.
A storm coming in.
The docks on the lake at sunset.
We took a hike in the woods part way around a lake and we ran across this fungi. No big thing as you see it in the woods all the time except the stem on the left is only about 1/8" in diameter and I had to get down on my belly to get the shot. (Dick)

And finally for those that need their ocean fix, this could be the last video of the Oregon coast ocean beach. As I (Dick) am taking this I am keeping a keen eye out for the waves that are getting higher and higher up the beach. You can tell that Jackie is having more fun watching me backing up while taking the video and had no idea of why I was telling her to "Run". They say "never turn your back on the ocean".

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