Thursday, October 9, 2008

Will we ever get out of Oregon?

Looking northward toward the Haceta Head Lighthouse from one of the pullouts from Highway 101. It was the cove below the lighthouse that our last Blog post was taken from.
A change of lenses and you get a closer look. I now have this picture as my screen saver. So feel free to use it if you want. The picture is a lot clearer when it gets blown up to full size

. And farther away, with the waves splashing against the rocks. This was taken from inside the cave at Sea Lion Caves.

The statue at the Sea Lion Caves. The caves were very interesting, but no sea lions in them--they were all on the rocks outside. CC was trying to reach the shorebirds, but they were quicker. This was a beach where we were supposed to fine agates (according to the book!), but we only found sand, shorebirds and some large rocks!

Love to see all the shore birds running in the same direction and then being chased up the beach as the waves came up the beach.
A huge tree root mass, which had been well chopped up, was enticing to Dick as a place to rest. This was earlier in the week, with beautiful weather.

A rock with lots of holes (rock bugs?). No one ever believed Dick when he told them about the rock bugs, well here is proof. You must believe Gramps!!!

And fossilized shells in rocks were fascinating.

This heron was posing for Dick on the dock in front of our trailer.

The view from our trailer looking across the Siuslaw river. We are only about a mile from the ocean.
Again the rainbow ending at our trailer! It has been raining on and off all day, so between storms Dick got out to take pictures.


Debbie said...

I think the Oregon coast is such an amazing place. I can see why you are still there! Thanks for all the photos of the ocean- I can't get enough of them. And, kids, those holes weren't made from rock bugs but from a little alien species that live in the ocean and come out at night with their little alien rock straws and drink the rock juice. There's lots of protein and vitamin B in rock juice.

michelle said...

I loved the sea lion caves when I was younger. I want to take my kids there and the sand dunes too! Poor Gramps and Auntie Debbie, they'll believe anything!! Those rocks are actually made from the lesser known cousin of the woodpecker - the StonePecker. It is very rare that anyone sees the StonePecker because of his rock like colors helping him to blend in with the rocks and the fact that they only come out during a solor eclispe. Everyone is so busy looking up that they miss this small, gray bird.