Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Help, we can't get out...

Our next stop was Stone Lagoon Campground, north of Trinidad, CA. They have a sign on their barn/store that says "1st Elktember". Can you see why? When we first got there, the elk were across the fence. Dick went out to take pictures--I think he took a total of 50+.
And here was one taken from inside--we really were surrounded and not sure if we should go out. And that buck you see, he wasn't taking kindly for anyone getting close to his ladies! This is Jackie sitting at the desk looking out the window.

This young lady was separated from the group, and probably ten feet from our 5th wheel in the morning when we woke up. She was sticking out her tongue at us, I think saying "you can't scare me".
Would you want to tangle with this one?!! And he had at least 25 females and some fawns. I know he was thinking go ahead and see if you can get from your RV to the truck faster than I can.

He was moving the "herd" across the fence and away from that crazy guy with the camera! Can you see the threat in his eyes?

It was an exciting place to camp and we loved it (well Dick and Jackie did--as for CC, she wasn't sure she wanted to go outside!).

To be continued...

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Debbie said...

Cool experience! I wouldn't want to tent camp there!