Friday, October 24, 2008

California has an ocean...

This will be a short Blog as we are in the "DEAD ZONE" and you will have to hold off until we get better Internet connection. so stay tuned for "Tree Hugger" and "Help we can't get out" to be posted next week.

After we left Oregon and I saw the last of the ocean I was happy to find out that there is an ocean in California. It's interesting what you learn on the road. (LOL)

We again spent some time at the beach, but this time it was in Crescent City, California. Still sunny and cool but still enjoyed the time on the beach again. Dick's back went out so could not spend as much time walking and looking for treasurers as we wanted.

You can walk out to the lighthouse at low tide. This picture is looking south and
we drove through town and took this one looking north. Crescent City is a nice town to visit and if you are looking for a new house with an ocean view there must have been 10 of them in a 1/2 mile stretch. Never did get up the courage to check prices.

It was 88 degrees today where we are at now, but more about that later.
To be continued...


michelle said...

Now I'm in suspense... I can't wait for 'Tree Hugger' and "Help we can't get out"!!

Amy said...

Ooo...we hope your back feels better soon.