Thursday, October 2, 2008

did I tell you I love the ocean...

Moving further down the coast of Oregon as you can tell by the first picture, we are still at the ocean. Did I tell you I love the ocean? We took several long walks on the beach with CC and found some treasures (pretty rocks and shells). Not sure what I am going to do with them. Maybe someday the kids will polish them for me? Weather was nice, in the 60s with a light breeze and some sun.
We checked out beaches south of Lincoln city and had our picture taken together. Don't get a chance very often to do this. I wait until I see a couple in our same predicament and offer to click one or two off for them. Works every time.
In the morning the tide was out so we got a picture of these interesting rocks with the ocean in the background. This picture is from the road so it's the same one that all the travelers take. One very similar to it is in local publications. Did I tell you I love the ocean?
We came back later in the day and parked on the other side of the bridge and got this one of the same rocks at high tide from a different angle.
The one I think I liked the most was taken again at low tide after I sat on the beach for awhile waiting for the man digging clams to work his way into the picture. Much better with some driftwood in the foreground and the reflection of the rocks in the water.
Did I tell you I love the ocean?
Further down the road we parked next to the highway at the town of Depoe Bay. I sat on the top of the wall wondering why they built a concrete retaining wall out into the ocean.
Turning my head I noticed a charter boat just off shore heading directly toward the wall.
As he got closer I really started to wonder what the @&%? he was doing...
he is going to run the boat up on the beach, must have a big problem...
he should be high and dry by now but he just kept going...
and then "poof" disappeared from sight.
The view from the other side shows a very narrow passage into a very small harbor so all was safe. Sure had me fooled. Did I tell you I love the ocean?
We headed back after seeing a few more sights and will be leaving here (in the rain) in the morning and continue south along the coast and hope to find a place for the weekend. It's interesting as here it is early October and the campgrounds are still full on the weekends.
Stay tuned for more. Did I tell you I love the ocean?


Deanna said...

I love the ocean too!

Hey, just a request from a reader: could you identify who's writing?

Thanks and love you guys!

michelle said...

Deanna... I was just going to say that!
D&J: too funny about the boat! I know that must have looked crazy. Oh, and you need to teach CC how to use the camera so she can take your pictures!

Dick & Jackie said...

Most of the time the writing is a joint effort. Dad takes most of the pictures and posts them. However, the "did I tell you I love the ocean" was Dad. I merely edited and added to on this one.
Mom (Jackie)

Guy said...

HI you all. Having had the oppertunity to gather a few rocks and other "stuff" I must remind you that the weight limit on the rig hasn't changed. So maybe all those treasures need to be photographed and then they can become "Leavorites". and as all knows that means to "leave it right there"
Love to all and happy trails..