Friday, April 9, 2010

Landscape, Tapestery and Broken Arches

As most of you are aware, we arrived early in March of this year to be co-hosts here at Arches National Park campground.

Our first hike was the day after setting up our temporary home. We took a hike to view our first arch. We hiked the still snow-covered trail on March 5th to Landscape Arch. Very few people on the trail but a very nice hike in the cold.

This is one of the few arches that you are prohibited from walking under, as a few years ago a large section fell off from the underside. It just so happened that someone with a video camera caught this in live action.

Again, Dick took some liberties with adding the moon to one of his photos. Today all the snow is gone and it finally got into the 70s yesterday and today (first time--it's been cold and windy for most of our time here).

We had to stop several times hiking both ways to get some shots of the surrounding area before the snow was gone. A few clouds added to the overall picture.

Jackie took the camera away from Dick so she could get one of very few pictures of him.

One of hundreds of "fins" throughout the park with snow still on the top edge.

A few day later on the 12th of the month with most of the snow now gone, we took another hike out of the campground. Our first stop was to Tapestry arch. We left the trail and hiked over the slickrock to see if we could get closer.

Dick hiked up under the arch to show the size of the opening. On the way back to the main trail we proceeded to get lost trying to find a shortcut. No luck, so we retraced our steps and finally found the main trail.

Continuing our circle trail there was a very old Utah Juniper tree where Jackie posed for another shot. What a beautiful old tree this is.

Another shot from the trail looking over the La Sal mountains that reach over 11,000' high.

The trail lead us under Broken Arch, named because of a big crack near it's center. Dick got Jackie to pose again for him.

A view from the other side of Broken Arch and with a closer look you can now see Dick standing under wondering how deep the crack really was.

The trail continues circling and ends in a steep climb between more fins and then back into the campground. Another fun hike but because of getting lost and stopping to take pictures it took us a little over 1 1/2 hours. We still had another 1/2 mile to get to our home at the other end of the campground.

It's time for a new quiz. So lets see what you can come up with what this picture was taken of. No hints so see what you can figure out.

To be continued...


picinichml said...

those pics sure are unreal! I especially like the ones with you two in them. Not enough of those. We don't get to see you in person so this is the closest we get!
that last picture looks like some sort of lava rock, don't think there are any volcanoes around you but ya never know, that's my guess.

Anonymous said...

Bark of a tree?