Thursday, May 13, 2010

Las Vegas with family

The past eight days Deanna, Darin and girls joined us in Las Vegas. They had a cabin just two spaces down from us, and it worked out great. We had such a fun time! They just left this morning and we miss them already (even CC, who loves cleaning up after two small ones).

We went swimming in the pool at the RV park several times. The pool toys we rented from Las Vegas Baby Equipment were perfect! Here is Daisy with Darin.

And Dani with Gram and Mama. Both girls loved the water.
One day we spent walking the Strip, Dani in the backpack and Daisy walking with the adults (boy, was she a trooper!). Here is Daisy with the "castle" in the background. Hold on Daisy as it's a 30' drop to the traffic below you.

And here we are walking, Daisy checking to see where Grampa is. We think she enjoys people watching as much as we do!

At the M&M Store (4 stories!), Daisy got to pick three kinds of M&Ms for her special treats. A hard choice, but she made it!

A shot looking down the Strip:

One day Deanna's cousin, Tim and his girlfriend, Kelli came to visit. Deanna and Tim had never met, so it was quite an experience. Tim and Kelli accompanied us to the pool and watched the Gemmers swim and play. It was great to see them. Deanna and Tim:

Deanna and Daisy watching the fountain at the Bellagio. It was worth the wait!

Just one shot of the fountain. Of course it is set to music, so you can't get the full effect.

One day we went to Hoover Dam. Here is Daisy, enjoying herself waiting for Papa to catch up to the rest of us (He had to go back to the truck to leave his knife.).

A picture of us at Hoover Dam, with the new bridge in the background. The new bridge is set to open in November and people will no longer be driving over the dam.

After leaving Hoover Dam we drove to Lake Mead for lunch, then Daisy, Mama, Papa and Grampa fed the fish at the marina while Dani and Gram stayed in the truck for a little nap.

Of course we had to go to the Fremont Street Experience. Dick had to get a picture of all the people taking pictures of the ceiling, and he caught Dani on the right. Even though it was well past her bedtime, she is definitely having fun!

We did so much in the time they were here, and this is just a snapshot. What a fun time!
Did you notice that this is the first post this year without pictures of red rocks?

To be continued...


Deanna said...

Thanks for the recap. We had such an awesome time! Thanks for all the fun.

Kathy said...

Great pics of the family having fun together! Cuties, but then you already knew that! :)

Wasn't it quite warm in Las Vegas this late in May?!

Happy trails,