Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rocky Mountain National Park

We arrived with reservations for 3 nights at the Park, set up camp including the generator so we could keep the batteries charged up. Dick's CPAP machine takes about 6% of the battery and then using the lights, water pump and refrigerator we need to charge them up in the morning.

We headed up and over the mountain and as usual took the narrow dirt road to the top at over 14,000 feet. Here is looking back down the valley, and we are only half way up the side.
What incredible views! We did find that we were a little light-headed when we arrived at the Visitor Center.

For some strange reason the park is full of what they call wild animals. We pulled over to watch a moose in the stream (of course he wouldn't turn around, so Dick got another "butt shot"). Just before we got there a bicyclist was watching the Moose as he came around the corner and just rode his bike off the road into a tree. All turned out well after the aid car came.

This scraggly guy kept watching us as he walked (or ran) away.

The elk herds came down into our part of the park every day and we lost count at about 80. One evening some walked right up to some people. Kind of scary. And you should see the cars blocking the road, just stopped to take pictures!

This is one of the two bucks that are feeding together.

Just before sunset with the haze of the evening hanging over the mountains.

Took another ride one day and found this campground. It is a rather nice Forest Service campground on a creek with lots of trails around. We talked about going there, maybe as hosts, but unfortunately there is no cell service. Guess it is not for us.

We are now in Wyoming for the first time after spending 3 days in the little town of Walden Colorado where Dick's great grandfather homesteaded. We came away with lots of family details dating back to 1882 and again met several very helpful friendly folks. Walked the 1882 homestead and that was kind of cool. Their museum is great.

To be continued...


Jen said...

Let us know if you are heading our way toward West Yellowstone/western WY!

picinichml said...

How amazing that you got to be that up close and personal with all that wildlife.