Monday, September 20, 2010

Back to South Dakota for catch up

It's a little past time for an update so here goes. While in South Dakota we decided it was time to to look a little harder for a Class A motorhome. We found to our liking four units, one in Tennessee, one in Ohio and two in Texas. After one of the ones we liked in Texas was sold we decided not to try for the other one. So we called the owners, Jim and Sue in Tennessee and told them we should be there within the week.

We headed toward Tennessee, it was only 1400 miles away. We traveled about 300 miles per day and arrived on Thursday. We contacted the owners and to make a long story short we had to travel to Alabama to see the rig. It was a great trip getting to know a wonderful couple and did get to see the rig. It is a very nice motorhome and we are considering making an offer but first we have to take a look at the unit in Ohio. Tomorrow we go to Ohio and will get a chance to take a look at that one. So at this time we have not made any decisions. Whatever we do, our big concern is how to dispose of our 5th wheel and truck. So time will tell.

We are now in Indiana and still heading for Goshen and the Montana Rally.

So let's backtrack and here are some pictures we took in South Dakota prior to our marathon trip.

We guess we don't need to tell you where our first day trip was to. How exciting to finally be here to see what we have been looking at in pictures for years. What was most interesting was that 95% of the carving was done with dynamite. Holes drilled to a specific depth in a close pattern and then the surface blasted away.

I guess no one was around to pick up all the loose rocks.

A close up view on a bright sunny day, sharing this view with hundreds of people there.

At the base of the mountain a mock-up of the statues was made and then measurements taken taken from the model, multiplied by 12 and relayed to the mountain.

A close up to give a better idea of what one face looks like. This was taken after leaving the park and is the only face that can be seen from this location.

How can you go to South Dakota without seeing the Badlands, and let us tell you they are B-A-D. No way could you get out if you ever got into them.

Sorry about the shadow but you get what you can.

Jackie finally got to see mountain goats before leaving the park (We have looked for them in several places over the last 28 months.).

On the way home we had to stop at Wall Drug. It takes up about 2 city blocks of maybe a 5 city block town of Wall. Had lunch, purchased post cards and headed home.

Ran across this big guy so had him pose, took the shot and off we went before he decided Dick should not be there.

Back at the park the wild turkeys took over the place. Are they just waiting for dinner?

To be continued...

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