Friday, October 15, 2010

Indiana and a Mammoth cave in Kentucky

While at the Montana Owners Rally in Goshen, IN, we had a little time to do some site-seeing. We passed quite a few of these Amish buggies. It was really interesting on the narrow roads, especially at night. And even Wal-Mart has space set aside for parking them!

A traffic jam! Hey Molly you could take all the kids to school in one of these.

Back in Batesville, IN we took one day off from moving into and setting up the RV to drive to a little tourist town called Metamora. Here is Jackie outside one of the interesting buildings.

But look what is inside! It was so crowded with "stuff" you could hardly move through! But the lady in charge seemed to know where everything was! The weekend before we were there was their big festival (Canal Days) and thousands of folks had been in town. She complained that people had moved her stock and she had spent all day putting it back into place!

There was room after room of more "stuff"!

Down the road was the Cookie Jar Store. Dick asked if this was an earthquake zone and was told no, but all of the shelves are covered with a special blue cloth, "just in case". They had every cookie jar imaginable! (Several Star Wars for Deb and Wiz for Deanna--sorry we can't bring them to you!) They also sell very delicious ice cream. I think she said thay had over 2,500 of them.

More cookie jars. I think there were seven rooms full!

A hint of fall showing around this house next to the train and next to the canal in Metamora:

One of the views in our campground as we walked in the mornings:
Fall is here and it's time to work our way South.

Off to Kentucky and Mammoth Cave National Park. Our first day here and we chose the 4-1/2 hour, 4 mile tour! It was very interesting with lots of steps and much up and down. Here are some folks entering the cave.

Most of this part of the cave was rock, but here are some drapery formations at the end of the tour.

Stalagtites and stalagmites, etc.

To be continued...

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