Thursday, November 25, 2010

New Orleans Louisiana

We left Florida on the 17 of November and started our trek back west. Went through Alabama, Mississippi and ended up in the little town of Abita Springs, Louisiana, about 30 miles due North of New Orleans. We traveled just a little over 200 miles that day. Set up the rig and spent the rest of the day just sitting around and relaxing.

Today, the 18th, we took off in the jeep and headed toward New Orleans. About 10 miles down the road we found Pontchartrain Causeway (bridge) that took us across Lake Pontchartrain. We have never traveled on a bridge that was so long (24 miles); the other side was not visible until we got about half way across. Took over 20 minutes at 65 mph!

We finally got to the other side, found the visitors center, and then the French Quarter. Spent the day just walking the streets and shooting pictures. Had a great lunch sitting on the balcony of a restaurant and enjoying watching the people below on Bourbon Street.

Nothing special with the pictures just shots that Dick thought might be a little different than most you would see so not much to write about.

Line-up of horse and carriage's waiting for tourists.

The lady in the window is a manikin but hard to tell until you get close.

A little run down...

and around the corner a big change. Guess it's the same here as most places.

The flag reads "FALLING LEAF ZONE", cute.

Canal Street.

Loved the shadows.

Our view at lunch looking down Bourbon Street.

Take the time to look up and you get a different view of the buildings.

Lots of plants on the balconys.

To be continued...

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