Friday, February 18, 2011

Roosevelt Lake Arizona with more saguaro

Google blogs have a new updated system for posting pictures and while trying to learn the new system we got a lot of these pictures out of the order we wanted them in.  So if we jump back and forth please excuse us.

Still at Roosevelt Lake and enjoying the sun, desert and water.  Took a ride one day and saw this unbelievable Saguaro.  The only problem we were in shorts and flip-flops but had to zig zag our way through the thick bushes full of sharp poky thorns.  We finally found our way to this guy that was about one to two thousand yards off the road.  When we got there we found that this was not just one saguaro but a group of six growing in a very tight knot.  You get a better idea of the size with Jackie standing next to it.

Back at our camp the evening Arizona sky was on fire again.  Just had to step out our door to enjoy this beauty.  We have the best site in the park with views out three sides of the rig and a short walk over the rocks to the water.

 Took a day trip over the Apache trail, a narrow dirt road through the desert and over the mountains with unique colors in the hills.  Well, we should say lots of shades of brown with some vivid red in it and maybe a little green.

 The Apache trail road we followed to the base of the mountain.

Another shot showing some of the beauty of this area.

A pair of another big guys growing out in the desert and another trek with shorts through the desert to get closer for some shots.  What Dick isn't telling you is that he got really scratched up taking these pictures (or actually going across the desert so Jackie could take the pictures from the jeep)!

 Ouch!!! who is the idiot who would put his hand out to rest against this monster?

Look closely and figure out who that weird guy is standing out in the desert with his arms sticking up in the air.

 Out of order but Robbie had set up this feeder and we got this shot in the shade.  Next time will try to get a good shot in the sun to show off the bright colors..

We got our boat out and headed out for a tour with Robbie and Alice.  Spent part of two days out on the water and had a ball.  Good upper body workout.  And the weather couldn't have been more perfect.

 Out of any order but another view from our site.

And this is what saguaro  look like when they finally dry out and die.  Hard to find these still standing as they fall shortly after they die.  This one must be over 30' tall.

It was hard to leave this beautiful place where we'd had so much fun with friends, but we pulled out today and are spending one night back at Casa Grande.  We will be heading to California in the morning (actually Pilot Knob, just across the California border from Yuma).  Did get some great shots of the sunset and a rainbow over the park but that will have to wait for the next blog.

To be continued...