Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jackson California and MOC Rally

Our next stop was another Montana 5th wheel owners rally at Jackson California, southeast of Sacramento.  We arrived two days early and were the 3rd RV there.  The rain finally stopped and that big yellow ball of sun came out.  And we must say the weather for the rally was perfect with warm days and lots of sun.

The first morning we headed out for a walk around the park and Dick had to rush back into the rig to get his camera and take some shots of the morning mist in the hills from the ridge that the park sets on.

We started our walk and the the light bulb went on in his head when our noses started working.  That's about the time we came to the conclusion that the morning mist was nothing more than smoke filling the valley.  Don't tell anyone that it's not a misty morning.

An interesting light bulb below--Dick had to photograph it because of it's uniqueness.  It was at the entrance of an antique shop.

Most of our activities were in the evening so during some of the days we got out and about and ran across this beautiful old oak tree and just had to capture it to share.
One of the evenings most of us went out to dinner a few miles from the park, and the meal was just grand.  On the trip home (after dark) we went by two areas that Dick wanted to come back to during the day to see them better.

The first was this unique building that at one time was a Italian restaurant.  The day was very overcast with lots of storm clouds so these are a few of his shots.  The gate was closed near the building so decided not to get any closer in case someone was living inside.

Would have loved to see the inside but maybe another day.

The sun started to come out to give us a few light shadows of the face of the structure.

Down the street we found St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church built in 1894.  It was the first Serbian Eastern Orthodox Church in America.  It was built on the side of a very steep hill and is surrounded by the graveyard.  The black storm clouds seem to add to the earieness of this location.  Most of the oldest stones bear inscriptions using the old Cyrillic alphabet, while newer stones have used the newer Cyrillic alphabet or English.

Must be a tradition to add a cross at the top of the headstone.  Check out the storm clouds that finally brought rain, snow and hail that night.  That is the night after the end of the rally.

There are lots of stories that are told by the inscriptions but the interesting one that Jackie found and what we think are 3 siblings buried in a row, all born in the early 1900's
Left: "John (we will leave off the last names) W.W. II Veteran-Silver Star, Bronze Star,-3 purple hearts, Commissioned on the field of battle, Judge, Senator, U.S. Marshall, and County Supervisor."
Center:  "Lorraine (same last name) American Legion Aux, Veteran's of foreign wars Aux, Former Amador County Supertendant of Schools."
Right: ""Sharkey" Milos (Same last name) Gambler"

Need we say more?

During the rally several people took a day trip to McLaughlin's Daffodil Hill Memoral garden to see some of the 300000 bulbs in bloom.  They said it was well worth the trip to wander around the garden and view the beautiful flowers.

We were busy that day so 10 of us went the day after the end of rally.  Now remember that we said the weather was beautiful for the rally but we got snow the night after the rally ended.  Well, that's the day we went to see the flowers and when we got there the park was closed becayse the owners felt it was not safe with all the snow and ice on the paths so we had to settle with taking a few pictures over the fence.

 This was the security guard that was there to make sure we kept behind the gate.

To be continued...

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