Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Michigan, Ontario Canada, New York

Another great stop was to visit Jackie's high school classmates Bob and Margie (Scheiler) Stephenson in Williamston, Michigan.  They have a nice long driveway next to their beautiful old (over 100 years) home with lots of room for our rig.  We spent two days there but had to leave because of the weight we put on eating there.  Thanks Margie and Bob for such a great time.
Margie has a beautiful garden with lots of beautiful flowers.  Dick was out early one morning and found the morning sun just kissing this tall grass.

We spent one morning walking the gardens on the campus of Michigan State University where Jackie found a new friend. 

After leave Stephenson's, we stopped briefly (overnight) at MOC friends Charlie and Nila's.  It was fun seeing them again and catching up.  Good luck on getting your home ready to sell.

The shortest way to New York from Michigan was going through Canada and while there we had to stop at Niagara Falls.  It was a warm and sunny day with lots and lots of people taking the boats down on the river or just strolling along the walkway.

See we really are there in Canada.  Dick was worried about bringing what booze we had in the motor home across the border but he explained to the crossing security "this is our home and we have several bottles of odds and ends of booze, the same as most people have at home."   He just looked at us and said "have a good day".  It was about the same  getting back into the USA.  Both were more worried about firearms.  All that worrying for nothing.  (Now you know why he has white hair!)

Just could squeeze both falls into one picture so for those that have not been there can see what it's all about.

This shot is from our lunch table on the second floor of a very over-priced restaurant.  But what the hey, it's only money we are sure the kids don't want it. 

Two days in Canada and then to Parish New York in the Parish of Parish New York, figure that one out. We spent a week here just relaxing and enjoying some of the sights. 
On one of our excursions we drove to Oswego NY to see the Fort of Ontario.  It was closed on the day that we went to visit but they forgot to close the gate.  We did get inside to get a few pictures. 

`Oh look this door is open and we can go inside and take some pictures out the window.

After taking a self guided tour we found that they realized their mistake and closed the gate.  But Dick in his infinite wisdom figured out how to get it open so we could escape.

Did we mention that on the way to Oswego we took a short trip to Mexico?

This is for Uncle Dave, sorry to say the limit of salmon is 5 per day in Lake Michigan, maybe it's time to run the Discovery east and get in on some of the salmon there.

For those who have been following us on facebook, know that we have left New York and traveled through Vermont and are spending one night in New Hampshire at a forest service CG and tomorrow will be at our final destination in Maine that will be the 31st State we have spent a night in.

To be continued...

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Deanna said...

Looks like you guys are having a blast! Glad to see you made a jaunt into Canada. Does that mean you need to add another map to your rig?

Speaking of money we don't want, Daisy asked me the other day "Mama, what is a college trust fund?" Made me laugh out loud. Told me she heard it on Charlie Brown.