Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Moving south to Florida

From Virginia, our last post, we continued to move south into North Carolina where we spent a few days and finally got our bicycles out for long past due ride.  This trail was another "rails to trails" and was about 17 miles long. (We didn't do all 17 miles--just 7.)  A very flat but beautiful ride thru the woods.

After the ride we spent a relaxing evening with Jackie's nephew Brad Cook and his fiance Melissa who prepared a delicious dinner.  We reciprocated and had them over to our humble home the next evening for dinner and very enjoyable evening.  (The bike trail goes less than a mile from their home.)

What better stop than the next state south of here into South Carolina.  We found a camp site on a very large lake just behind us.  Not many people around and several miles away from the freeway so quite pretty. 

The morning broke with a light fog over the lake just behind us, but that evening was another example of the changes that mother nature shares with us.

We only spent two nights here, but with sights like this it was hard to pack up and move again.

Last state before we made it to Florida was Georgia where we spent a few days seeing some of the sights, one being Fort Frederica National Monument.  Georgia's fate was decided in 1742 when Spanish and British forces clashed on St. Simons Island. Fort Frederica's troops defeated the Spanish, ensuring Georgia's future as a British colony. 

The remains here are mostly the refurbishd foundations,

If interested you can get more history of this National Monument.  Check it out  here.

This area of Georgia was full of live oaks with spanish moss drifting back and forth in the light breeze.

Not far from the National Monument was St. Simons Island Lighthouse sitting in the middle of town built in1872 and stands 104' tall. 

We made it up the 129-steps to get a picture of Jackie looking over the Atlantic Ocean

Well, we finally made it to Florida where we are greeted by a half dozen or so Sand Hill Cranes wandering around the park.  You could feed them out of your hand.

Check out the eye of this guy (gal?) watching to see what Dick was doing with the camera.

And finally this guy was sharing our site living in a hole he dug next to the sewer hookup.

We have our schedule all set until about the 3rd of March when we plan on heading back north and then west.  Remember, it's all subjet to change.  If interested in our schedule just click here

To be continued...

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Deanna said...

The girls totally loved the picture of the turtle, especially timely as Daisy has been tucking her head inside her jacket lately pretending to be a turtle herself. She has lots of questions for you about this picture, so let's skype soon. Love ya!