Friday, February 3, 2012

Hiking, biking and horses

Not a lot to see in this part of Florida but we headed off with our friends Bruce and Ronda to see what we could.  We ended up at Highlands Hammock State Park where they rented bikes and we had ours with us so off we went for a bike and hike trip around the park. 

Some interesting trails (hiking) through the palms with the sun filtering down through them.

Boardwalks where it is wet meander in and around the trees and bushes.

With the sun shining through this beautiful palm frond made it look like it glowed.  And it did.

On another day we went to the winter training location about 20 miles away of the Royal Lipizzaner Stallions and they put on quite the show.  All for a $5.00 donation entrance fee.  Bruce and Ronda said they thought it was a better show than the expensive one where the horses and riders are all dressed up!

You could sit next to the fence and enjoy the horses and riders with the announcer explaining each move and relating it to the history of the horses.

They had trained the horses to jump completely off the ground and it was quite a site to see.

This one was waving to the people across from us.

Dick could only get 5 of the 6 horses in this shot but they must have spent 10 minutes with all of them in the ring at the same time.

Just a close up shot of one of the beautiful stallions for our granddaughter Molly.

The owners grandkids were playing in the arena as we arrived, you can add your own caption to this picture.

To be continued...


Kathy said...

Wonderful pics and a chance to see the Lippanzer Stallions at a fraction of the cost their shows charge!!
I've always wanted to see them in person! Probably just like Molly!:)

Meeting Pam & Ray, Butch & Susan for lunch at Magaly's in Benson today!

Happy Trails!
Kathy & Grant

Anonymous said...
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