Friday, August 17, 2012

Tent Rocks National Monument New Mexico

We finally departed Florida and headed west into the boiling heat where is was just too hot and humid to enjoy any time outside, so we spent a lot of time inside our new home.  We finally found our way to New Mexico where we had our daughter Deanna come and visit for about a week.  What a great time!

We are now heading to Arches National Park in Utah for our annual campground hosting position for the month of September, but on the way we are stopping at several locations to see what is in this area.  Jackie found a Corp of Engineers campground at Cochiti Lake New Mexico where we have been camping. 

Just up the road is Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument that we have now visited 3 times to view this beautiful park.  The long hike to the top started about 7:00 in the morning when it was cooler.  Starting up the trail Dick shot this picture as a reminder that our goal was the top.  If you blow this  up, you will see people at the top.

Into the outlet of the slot canyon where years of rushing water tried to erode this tree, and failed.

The slot canyon was a great hike and it got pretty narrow.  (Dick loves these "butt shots"!)

Out of the slot and starting up the steep portion of the hike.

On the way up we looked back to see some of the Tent Rocks.

Finally made it to the top with a view for miles.

Jackie was so happy to finally make it to the top as you can tell here.

A closer look at some of the Tent Rocks.

Must have found water somewhere

On the way back down and into the slot canyon.  No flash floods today.

Tree still there on the way out.

Three and a half miles up the road is another part of the park with some great views and a very nice and flat hike we enjoyed.

This is a must see, and hike, park if you are in the area.  The hikes in the lower area took up a total of 3 hours with Dick stopping a lot for pictures and to catch his breath (and push Jackie up some of the steep sections!).

To be continued...


Deanna said...

WHAT? I just get a nod. Not a whole blog post, not even a picture. Sheesh. I see how I rate. See if I come visit you guys again. LOL

Kathy said...

Hi Jackie and Dick, that is a fascinating park to put on the "must see list"! With the light cloud cover it must have been a lot cooler than normal for the hike.
Enjoy Arches in September, that should be a more comfortable time to visit than early spring!
Happy Trails,