Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sunset at Ft. Pickens and Pensacola FL lighthouse

Last week we spent the time camping with good friends, Dick and Joan Izzi and we all headed to the beach on the Gulf of Mexico at Fort Pickens National Park to watch the sunset. 
Pure white sand and warm sun waiting for it to set for the evening

We got there there a little early to watch the sun try and drop through the clouds on the beach with sea oats in the dunes.

A ship sailing under the setting sun.

We watched the sun set into the clouds on the horizon and decided to head back to the camp for an evening fire until...

we turned around to catch it just under the clouds and sinking into the Gulf.

On another day we headed to Naval Air Station Pensacola and visited Pensacola lighthouse 


Found this guy wandering around the grounds at Fort Pickens.
Just had to add a title to it.

To be continued...

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Elite said...

The Pensacola lighthouse is beautiful - and that sunset you captured is absolutely breathtaking.