Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Various pictures in Capitol Reef National Park in Utah

We have now been here just a little less than 3 months with one more to go until we finish our trip North to Washington State.  Below are several pictures shot all over the Park to share with those who want to go here in the future or can't make it at all.  Please enjoy as we continue to share more blog postings over the next month.  Maybe we will post a blog showing pictures taken outside of the Park.
Several people walking the wash to the Pot Holes
Twin rocks on Hwy. 24 west entrance

Chimney rock

Just some of the beauty from mother nature around the Park

Jackie in the shade near one of the Pot Holes waiting for Dick to find his way back

Volcanic rocks about 3' diameter sitting in the bottom of a wash waiting for the next rain.

The dirt road at the end of Scenic Drive

A view on the east side of the Waterpocket Fold (a big high rock formation)

The road that climbs over the Waterpocket Fold.  Straight up with lots of switch backs.

Not sure how Mother Nature does this to the red rocks but we both think it's beautiful.

Just for fun here are two cute shots of Dick's.
This one is called "One down and the other taking a ride"
For those that can't read the sign it says "Please don't feed the horses"

To be continued...

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