Thursday, March 13, 2008

Interesting what you can find on GoogleEarth...

I remember when I first started my family research, I was trying to find information on my great grandparents, John and Annie Darrow. I found that they homesteaded in the hills above Red Lodge, Montana.

My Grandaunt Nina in her waining years wrote about her memories in Red Lodge, Montana. Among other things she talked about the "root cellar" on the property.

A few years ago Jackie and I found the old homestead that was settled in 1899 and took some pictures and brought back some memorabilia. Nothing was left except some boards on the ground and the root cellar.

That brings us to Google Earth and using the Latitude and Longitude of the homestead I have now confirmed the exact location of it. In the photo you can see just to the left of the push pin is the root cellar that is still there after 100 years. The middle picture showes it's location from Red Lodge and the road in the lower picture is just a narrow one lane dirt road out in the desert. The top picture we took several years ago.

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Jen said...

Joe loves google earth. He uses it a lot for his work and then, also, for play. :)