Sunday, March 2, 2008

It's been a "good" weekend

If I am going to get used to Blogging, I better add another one. We have had a fun weekend, we went to the store to buy just two items and it took us over an hour. First we ran across a friend of Jackie’s from School and had to answer questions about RV’s and then the conversation turned to work and I had to put a stop to that. On the way to the check out counter, (still with just two items) we ran into a couple from Church who just got home from Reno. They had a great trip and, and, and… By the time we got to the counter there was a huge line in the quick check out. I checked and three people had more that the maximum number of items in their carts. What should a person do in times like these?

Last night we drove to Sunnyside to watch our Ephrata Tigers boys’ basketball team win the District championship. Wow, what an exciting game, the score went back and forth, then it was tied at the half and again at the end of the game. The boys pulled it out of the hat in overtime. It was a real nail biter. We took friends with us and had a good time. Long trip, 2 hours down and 2 hours back, but we made it home by about 10:30 PM. Good friends, good conversation, good game, so it turned out to be a (you guessed it) good day. I still don’t like to drive that long at night.

Last fall I added a hitch to the front of my truck and then purchased a bike rake to fit it. We can’t put it on the rear because of the 5th wheel trailer, so yesterday I put it together and then modified it so we could turn it 90 deg. to keep it from sticking out in front when not in use. Now all I have to do that the snow is gone is get the bikes out, clean and oil them up, and we are ready to go.
What do they need except some chain oil to get them back on the road?

8 weeks 2 days 6 hours


Darin Gemmer said...

Air in the tires. Brake check and adjustment. Little oil on the derailers wouldn't hurt.

Nice rack, by the way!

Debbie said...

Ditto to Darin's list and might as well go grab some extra brake pads before you hit the road. From what I've been told, they are easy to replace. And of course, dust off those helmets!

Dick & Jackie said...

Darin the last time I said that she slapped my face. (sorry about that I couldn’t resist)

Darin Gemmer said...

I can't lie, the double entendre was rather appealing.