Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ennis Montana area, population 840 people & 11 million trout...

Welcome to Montana! Cowboys moving cows down the highway, this picture taken through the windshield of the truck. On July 1 we moved to Ennis, MT, which is a small town in southwest MT.

On Wednesday we drove to Virginia City, MT, about 15 miles from Ennis. Virginia City is a restored mining town, not quite as "touristy" as Virginia City, NV. The first picture is of a back street, not the restored part of town.
Virginia City from Boot Hill. Boot Hill is so named because five highwaymen who were hanged are buried there. The building where they were hanged is open in town, and you can see the beam over which the ropes were suspended. Dick was finally able to get a picture of the downtown street with no cars, so it looks more authentic. It really was a fun little town. The museum was very interesting. We also took in a show at the Opera House -- vaudeville, which was cute.
Back in Ennis on the 4th, we went to the parade. A big deal in this little town.

Here are some of the many horses in the parade (especially for Molly).
The end of the parade in downtown Ennis. They allow parking on the main street, which we found very interesting. After the parade we enjoyed barbequed brisquet sandwiches, a fundraiser for the "Teen Center". We had ridden our bikes to the parade, and on the way back to the RV Park we took in a car show on the grass at one of the shops along the highway. That night we drove down to Cameron and enjoyed barbequed ribs and music by "Montana Rose". An outdoor pavilion was set up, and lots of cowboys (and cowgirls) love to dance. It was great.

This little deer or antelope was resting beside the road to the hardware store. The highway is in the background.

And look what decided to perch on the bicycle tire at our campsite:
The view out the back window of the 5th wheel: We sit outside in the morning with our hot chocolate and enjoy the view and the quiet.
Tomorrow we're off to Lewis and Clark Caverns. Then from here the plan is to drive north/northwest toward Anaconda. The weather here has been a little of everything. Lots of wind, some thunderstorms, quite warm (90s), and then today pleasant (75-80 or so).
Dick found a problem with the Mor/Ryde suspension system on the RV so have to contact the factory on Monday morning and see what we can do to get it fixed. Keep your fingers crossed that we can find a place to repair it.
We may be dry camping for a few days so you may have to wait for the next update.


Guy said...

Great time for all!!!
What is the Mor/Ride system??
Where are the 11,000,000 trout hiding?? Joan's brother Jon sure would like to know...........

Anonymous said...

What a fun little town. That is pretty impressive that you were able to get that picture of the bird on the bike tire. Very cool!!

A. Doll said...

I can't believe you guys were in Ennis. Dave and I have like a gazillion friends there. It is a cute little town. Say hello to Carl and Barb Pearson and Mark or Brian Barney. Too cool!!!

A. Doll said...

If you want a really fun and beautiful drive, find your way to Yak, Montana and stop for a cold one at the Dirty Shame Tavern. I think the town had one tavern and a laundry mat. What else could one want?

Guy said...

Well sure hope you got the suspension fixed ok. Looks like I'm really the 1000th peek at your page. A little update would be nice even if you don't have any new super pictures. Looks like a whole bunch of folks are thinking the same thing. All is well here and another super nice day!! Happy trails..........the OM