Thursday, July 17, 2008

Idaho and Washington, family everywhere...

Arrived in Lewiston after about a 5000 foot elevation drop in 190 miles from Lolo pass to here.

We were excited to be able to visit the Church we were Married in here in Lewiston Orchards in 1977. Not much has changed and got to meet some real nice people. (Dick said not much had changed, but actually neither of us remembered much about the church from 1977!) Lots of nice folks asked about Rick and one lady even commented on remembering Mom.

This is the same spot as the picture above only 31 years earlier with Jackie's brother Rick in the middle.
And then we spent some time with family. Here are some of Jackie's nephew, Jim, and his family, Shelley, Jesse, Wyatt and baby Morgan, who was only three days old when we met her. Their house barely escaped the fire that raced up the hill while Jim and Shelley and Morgan were still in the hospital! But everyone is safe and the boys are so proud of their little sister.

Then the next day we visited with Jackie's sister, Teri (no pictures) and had a barbeque at Jackie's niece Michelle's home. Here is nephew Steve and his wife Angie:
Niece Michelle (some of you remember her as "Missy" but she's grown-up now and prefers "Michelle") and husband Jeff:

Steve and Angie's son Dominik:(when he wasn't covering his face from the camera)
If you travel south out of Clarkston the road follows the river for about 30 miles and then there is a new bridge that will take you east into Idaho again. Have no idea where is goes but before we got to that point we came around a corner to Jackie saying "watch out for the deer" I said "that is the funniest deer that I ever saw, with curved horns". I was able to stop and get several good pictures of the Mountain Goats next to the river...

and it's hard to tell but the other pictures are of them way up on the hill. Who is checking out who? Part way up the side was a momma and her baby.
Didn't spend too much time outside that day taking pictures as it was close to 100 deg., but nice and cool in the truck.

We are now back in Ephrata and I don't think we will update the Blog until about the 25th or 26th unless something exciting happens around here this week. If you read this and are in the area please stop by and say hello to us out at Oasis. Just look for the "Big Sky" at site #10.

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Anonymous said...

so cool to see pictures of the family. Missy (Michelle) looks exactly the same! Glad to see that everyone is doing well.