Sunday, January 25, 2009

Out in the desert at Quartzsite Arizona

Sorry it's been so long since our last post. We are dry camping out in the desert, so have to have our very-noisy generator on to use the computer. Here is an aerial photo of our circle of Montanas. At the high point we had twenty-nine rigs (mostly Montanas, but some SOBs -Some other Brand).
Here is a closer shot. Our rig is at the top, just to the right of the "driveway". In the center is the fire-pit where we gather each evening.
And here is a shot of some of the rigs from the ground, with several people talking and admiring CC, who is being terribly spoiled, by the way. (She chooses a different lap each night at the campfire!)

Nearly two full days were spent on this rig. All the the graphics were removed and replaced with new. What a job! Nearly everyone here was involved in some way, and everyone (especially the owners) are very proud of the completed job.

One day we had a potluck. There are some very good cooks in this group. One of the women is putting together a cookbook so we can all share in the bounty.

We think one of the things Montana owners do best is eat! What a great bunch of people.

Quartzsite, AZ is known as having the biggest swap meet in the world. And how does one choose from so many? But choose we did--t-shirts, earrings, beads, etc. What fun! There is acre upon acre of items for sale. If you can't find it here it's not made. They estimate over 75,000 RV's visiting this area in 2 weeks of swap meets, gem and mineral show and the sports, vacation and RV show. Did we mention that there is a car show starting in about a week.

We looked at little rocks and...

big rocks and all sizes in between

This was one of the thousands of cut rocks for sale all over town.

And at night we enjoyed beautiful sunsets, good company, fun fires, and stars.

At night we get to sit by the campfire and watch all the stars. This is a 1 hour exposure with the north star in the center; you can see just how far the stars rotate in that short a time. Again this is for Debbie.

We don't know how long we're going to be here; we're having too much fun to leave! We have a day trip to Mexico planned for later this week, so will include that in our next blog. Just know that we are enjoying RVing full-time more all the time!
To be continued...


Debbie said...

I LOVE the photo of the stars and the photo of the small rocks. I think I could spend a few days at the swap meet. I also think I could really use some sunny warm days. It's been chilly here!

Amy said...

I love the sunset shot with the cactus--beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Huge swap meet? Sounds FUN!! I love the pic of the colorful rocks. It's my desktop now.