Saturday, January 3, 2009

Remember this picture? Remember the question? Well, here is the answer.

While visiting the Living Desert in Palm Desert California, we saw this huge outdoor model train display that was put together with lots of hard work from a lot of people. Not sure what they do with all the trains when it rains but who cares as when we visited it was warm and sunny. This was an impressive part of that display.

This is part of the Grand Canyon display complete with a running water river.

Here is a city next to the Grand Canyon. Great job with all the buildings and scenery.

In one area was an old mining town, but I think the train is a little too new for this display.

Back home we decorated our tree with lots of small ornaments complete with our Christmas presents under it. The family all drew names so we put together a small list of what we wanted for Christmas and our grandkids pulled the names of who got who out of a hat. We sent off our package and it finally got there just before the start of the new year; sorry Deanna. We got an interesting package from Michelle for Dick and a large package containing several items from Deanna for Jackie. (Dick's is the tube in the picture below.)

While waiting for Santa, Jackie relaxes with another book. It was a little cool outside so we spent a day just relaxing.

Dick's list was short, so as usual Michelle came up with a great idea for a great gift. We can now go down the road and show the world our Blog address. It will be interesting to see if we get any lookers from this sign. Not only did she give Dick this set of vinyl letters she also...

sent this C-O-O-L welcome sign that we added to our front door. The colors match beautifully with the graphics on our RV. Thanks Michelle for the great gift, we both love them.

And one of Jackie's gifts from Deanna was a hardcover book of pictures of Daisy's first year. What a treasure to have and share. Obviously a favorite and very special gift. Thanks so much, Deanna. (Of course Dick says now we have to spend more money and get Jackie a larger purse so she can carry the book around as a "Grandma's Brag Book"!)

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

Dad, It looks GREAT on your house! I'm so glad you like it.

Jen said...

How nice to have such creative daughters!

Anonymous said...

Well, welcome to Anza Borrego! Saw your rig with the blog address that (Michelle?) had made for you. Great idea. But shouldn't you update your blog with new stories about how much fun you're having here? One of our favorite places in the winter. Too cold at our home in Roseburg, Oregon!