Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dick's Birthday--April 27th--Through the years

Happy birthday Dick...
Today is just another birthday but thought you would enjoy seeing just a few shots of the old man. Don't worry about sending any presents as all he needs these days is money for all for his hobbies.

We will be going out to dinner with good friends, Robbie and Alice, who are camping here at the same park for a week or so. Please enjoy a little trip back in time that started for him in 1943.

Dick and his older brother Guy sitting with his mother Pauline. Must be around 1944.
This shot was taken by Dick's Dad in about 1945. His Dad was also a camera nut, who had a dark room in the basement where he printed his own pictures. And, of course, everyone has to have the obligatory bathtub shot!

Not sure what year; you decide, it looks like most of the pictures of little Dickie also had his big brother in them. That was until his sister came along, and then all the pictures were of her. Such is life when you have a cute little sister.

Dick served aboard the submarine USS Gudgeon SS567 out of Pearl Harbor in the early 1960's and here he is ready to hit the town in his "civies". Notice the cool white socks.

Here he is in about 1968 and I think you can really see the red hair and his dad's curls in this one.

Not sure of the year but what a cute guy. Next to his on the table is one of those new reel to reel tape machines.

This was taken at a Washington State Jaycee meeting where he received his Jaycee Senatorship in 1978. Sure is a cute girl standing next to him.

And finally this is the way the world sees Dick now and also the way Dick sees the world. (Thanks for the picture, Sheri.)

To be continued...


Jen said...

Happy birthday!

Deanna said...

Love you Dad! Happy birthday!

Ray said...
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Ray said...

Happy Birthday Dick. Have a great dinner with Robbie & Alice. Where are you'all?

Ray & Pam

Dirk and Sue said...

Happy Birthday, Dick. Hope you have a special day. Maybe a nice dinner out or in. But you should be safe from having to do any chores like truck or Montana washing, for example.

Debbie said...

Dad- I love you very much and am so sorry I haven't sent you a card. Other than sleeping most of the day I have not been away from work in daylight hours for more than two weeks. I hope you understand and know that I miss and love you very much. You are a great dad and I can't wait to see you sometime soon. I'm actually toying with some way of traveling and visiting you on your travels this year. Give Jackie my love!

Guy said...

Well...HHHMMMM another year. Sure glad for that!! Only three years between for a bit then back to four. Must make you feel really young....grin
We are off to camping for a few days and then home to tend the lawn and gardens.
I have been going to school for a Office 2007 class at the local CC. Lots of fun and a nice challenge..even for an old fella.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY again and keep up the blog you guys
bro and bride