Friday, May 1, 2009

It's our 1 year anniversary

Yesterday was a big big day for us; we have now been on the road for exactly one full year and we must say are still loving it. You can’t get off easy without some statistics before scrolling down for the pictures of what we have been doing.

365 are the number of days now on the road, as of April 30.
24,980 are the number of miles we have traveled total, consisting of:
7,468 miles pulling the 5th wheel, and
17,512 miles playing tourist without the 5th wheel trailing behind.
110 are the average number of miles traveled between parks.
68 are the number of times we have hooked up and moved.
730 are the number of time Dick has told Jackie how much he loves her, or it could be more.
5.4 are the average number of days we have stayed at each stop.
105 are the number of Blog posting made or
3.5 are the average number of days between postings.
5652 are the number of hits on our blog or
15.5 are the average number of hits per day.

If you want more statistics let us know otherwise please continue with the weekly update.

What a better place be at for our 1year anniversary than Page Springs Arizona. The town is this RV Park, one closed out-of-business restaurant, and that’s it. But this little park is an Oasis to be enjoyed. This is the view out our back window with a rushing stream that runs through the park in two places and also is bordered by a larger creek.

What a joy to sit out in the morning and evening next to the creek under the trees and enjoy time with good friends.

Last Saturday we took our friends Robbie and Alice back to Camp Verde, had dinner and then snuck in the back door of the park to listen to a great family music group. And of course we just had to dance. Thanks Robbie for the pictures.

Dick was made to stand and take a special birthday song from the cook and his wife at the park. As you can see Jackie is getting a good laugh out of it.

For Dick’s birthday Alice and Robbie took both of us hiking on a short trail. Well it was short until we got close to the end and decided that it was far enough for us as the round trip was about 5.8 miles.
Off we go ready for a fun day. No, the paved trial was only a short distance and not all the way to the end.

Jackie has now graduated to a super hiker; she crosses the rivers and climbs the rocky slopes like a real pro. Wow is Dick proud of her. This is one of several forges we had to make as we worked our way up the canyon.

Just a shot of Jackie and Alice up ahead of us but what a view of the mountains and the creek. Hard to keep up with these two. (Dick and Robbie were both taking pictures--Jackie and Alice got tired of waiting around every curve!)

Just a typical eroded rock in the creek. Gives you an idea of how deep it can get during the rainy season. The trees and bushes are all greening up and it sure is beautiful.

The rocks just tower above and around you with every turn of the trail. We would be broke by now if we were still shooting print film.

Jackie climbed the rock along the creek bed so Dick could get a better picture of her and the surrounding area. What a beauty, Jackie that is, not the rock. (Guess who is writing this blog?)

One of the things Alice planned was to find a geocache on the way up the trail. About 2 miles in we all looked and looked but could not find it. On the way back, we started before Robbie and Alice, and we decided to try again to find it. After analyzing the hints we decided where it should be. Dick took off across the creek, up the side of the mountain and in 5 minutes had found it. If you blow up the picture you can see Dick at the top where it was located but don't tell anyone. Ask us some time to show you the pictures of what it took for him to get down off the top of this rock pile.
We were both sore for two days after this one (actually it was Dick and Robbie who were sore), but thanks Alice for picking this one; it was a great day and we are glad you shared your time with us. And thanks again for the birthday dinner.

This is just a pretty picture that Dick likes of the Sedona area. We will show some more next time and also from another hike we did and the results of the new filter for his camera.

To be continued...

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Deanna said...

How fun to see pictures of you guys together! Happy Anniversary.

Can't wait to hear about your Sedona adventures.