Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy anniversary Michelle and Jason

We have had a few moves since our last post. Lets see, our last post was from Page Springs Arizona and we are now in Winters California with stops in Pahrump Nevada, Tonopah Nevada and Carson City Nevada.

We left Carson City yesterday morning about 8:00 AM and headed straight up to over 7000 feet and then down to about 5000 and then back up again to over 7000 and back down and down down to about 500 feet here in Winters.

We set up next to Steve, a Montana owner friend, and then realized that we needed to post a happy anniversary blog for number 2 daughter and her husband Jason. Guess what, no telephone or Internet in the valley we are in. Our friend Steve was able to set up his satellite dish and we connected to it so we can get this blog off. Sorry Michelle but this is the only picture I have on our computer of the two of you and it's taken a few years after your wedding. I have a picture or two of your wedding but they are at Uncle Guy's back in Ephrata, sorry about that.

This Blog is for you and Jason, we just want to let you know that we miss you both and want to wish you a very happy anniversary even if it's a day late. We will give you a call when we get into cell phone coverage.

To be continued...

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michelle said...

Thanks so much!! Don't worry about being late. Jason doesn't even get home until Monday so we won't celebrate it until later. So I guess, we're all late!!