Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mount Shasta California (Lake Siskiyou), again

We arrived in Mt. Shasta on last Thursday, a day early for the rally, set up the rig and headed around the park to visit all our old friends and meet several new members. Before it was all over we had about 32 rigs with I don't know how many dogs.

On Friday night we all got together for meet and greet but before we started we did some other meet and greet with the local population. Roxanne was able to pet the deer as if it was just another one of the dogs.

Dave decided that they needed some more food so he was able to hand feed one of them. This is only one of about 12 that wandered around the camp.

We finally did all get together for one of several times. What a great group of people (and lots of great food!).

We had a one-day fishing derby and here is Ray and Bill with a good string of fish (in Ray's fold-a-boat). Not sure how many folks finally got out on the water, but they had lots of luck with bringing in quite a few fish. All the fish were prepared and we had a great fish fry that night (actually they were barbequed and were very tasty).

Another night we shared a great meal that was catered and shared with all. Here is the caterer barbequeing the chicken and beef. Delicious! One thing about the MOC rallys, no one is going to starve!

Robbie, Alice and the two of us drove up to Castle lake. The truck is parked at the far end of the lake, and we headed out on the trail trying to get around the lake. When we got into the snow we lost the trail and went just about as far as we could, then turned back. What a beautiful view from close to the top of the mountain.

Thanks Robbie for the picture. I am sure the kids will enjoy seeing another picture of the two of us, and wow, what a backdrop.

Just another view of the lake without all the people cluttering it up.

Back near the truck this is the view looking across the lake and up the mountain that we just hiked. Not a long hike but pretty steep and rough.

We then headed to another area where there was a geocache to find. Down the hill to another back road until we had to park and walk the last half mile. The cache was located near this waterfall and we hiked down and got some great pictures. It's hard to get a picture showing how large this really was, but this is the best we could do.

On this old back road we also found the remains of a resort that was build about 1889 near the location of a hot springs. I should say all we found was the remains of the retaining walls and the water system for the hot springs. Dry now with nothing but the smell of sulphur and cold water.

The last evening Dick went for a short hike and was able to get some pictures of the setting sun on the side of Mount Shasta. We will leave you with this picture and post more after the next stop on our rally trip.

To be continued...


Debbie said...

I love, love, love the photo of you two! E-mail it to me-I'll print, frame and hang it on the wall at home. That area looks so beautiful too. The lake is amazing- can you swim in it? Have fun you two!

Kathy said...

Great pics of Lake Siskiyou area!
I can't get over how tame those dear were! Nice photo of you two for your family to enjoy!
Kathy (