Saturday, May 9, 2009

More old stuff

Before we departed Page Springs we realized that we had failed to check out one of the local monuments so we hit the road for a short day trip and headed for Tuzigoot National Monument.

Tuzigoot is an ancient village or pueblo built by a culture known as the Sinagua. The pueblo consisted of 110 rooms including second and third story structures. The first buildings were built around A.D. 1000. The Sinagua were agriculturalists with trade connections that spanned hundreds of miles. The people left the area around 1400.

Why did they build it on the top of a hill and had to haul all their water up? This is the view as you come across the desert and look up at the site.

Jackie is looking down onto one small section of what remains of the lower section of the walls. All the access to the rooms was via a ladder up to the roof and then another from the roof down in the the living area.

Another view of remains of more rooms.

At the top was a reconstructed room that you could go out onto the roof and view the surrounding area. It was built the same way as the original was in very ancient times except it was rebuilt about 2' taller than the original.

When we left Page Springs, we went to Kingman, AZ. For a day trip we drove up to an old mining town called Chloride. Back in the 60's a hippie painted rocks above the town. We drove up the "road" to see the rocks. Luckily the "road" was only 1.3 miles long. It was a horrible 4x4 road, some of which you can see in the picture above.

Another view of the "road" and the painted rocks

When we left Kingman we drove to Pahrump, NV via the top of Hoover Dam. They are working on a new road, but until it is finished the traffic still goes across the top of the dam. Quite a site. Unfortunately we couldn't stop to take pictures because we were hauling the 5th wheel.

Here is a shot of the new road (bridge) from the moving truck.

At the RV Park in Pahrump we attended a happy hour followed by karoke. Here is a picture of Jackie with two other women trying to sing karoke--it was awful. Oh well, others were better and we had a good time. We even were able to dance to some of the songs.
Tomorrow (Tues., 5/12) we leave here for places north. Two or three more nights in Nevada and then west into the mountains of California,
To be continued...


Deanna said...

I'm glad you got a picture of Mom singing karaoke!

Anonymous said...

You forgot to tell us about the painted rocks when you were here. They are really neat. Course everything you have done since your adventure bagan has been great. Temperature here on the back porch read 100 today. Time for me to hit my favoriate spot by the side of the pool with a book. Travel safe.

michelle said...

those rock paintings were awesome. The colors are so vibrant!