Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sedona Arizona

Here at Page Springs Arizona we are just about 15 minutes away from Sedona and it is such a beautiful place to visit; just ask Darin and Deanna. We have taken several trips into town and around the countryside.

This day we decided to park and walk the town and look at all the shops. So Dick could drool over all the turquoise men's jewelry. We stopped in a camera store and Dick picked up a "Cir-Polarizing" filter for his camera. Later we made a stop and had lunch on the back patio of a bar and now was the time to try out the new filter.

The first picture taken during lunch is with the filter turned to what he would call the off position. You can see the clouds, blue sky, green trees and a little of the color of the hills. Click on it to blow it up.

Now take a look at this one with the filter adjusted to make ALL the colors just pop out at you. After clicking on this one notice the big difference. What took him so long to get this new filter?

Again without the filter...

And with the filter..

Remember these are taken from our table at the bar. What a view this town has.

Another day it was time for another hike. It was a hard 4WD road to get to the trailhead at Devils Bridge. The little hill in the background had to be climbed to about the tree line to get to the bridge.

We are off up the trail that just kept getting steeper and steeper.

We had to stop and look at the unique flower that was starting out of the center cactus. Wish we could come back and see what it was going to do. But we had a destination in mind and we are off again after a picture or two of the plant.

This just gives you a view of how steep it really got. What can we say but it was straight up the rocks and then to a flat where we had to continue up the just about shear face. Wow what a trooper Jackie is to tackle this very difficult area. Not sure if we would have tackled it if we knew in advance how the trail was.

Because we are posting this blog you can be assured that we both made it up and down.

Still not at the bridge but had to stop and get a picture of Dick standing on the edge. Now that we have the picture please step away from the edge.

We finally made it and yes it was worth the long hard hike.

Another view looking down at a slightly different angle.

On the way back down we had to take a side trail to view the bridge from the bottom. This young lady walked onto the bridge and waved at us just as I was getting the picture. We talked to her later and she indicated she was not comfortable on the top at all but just went out so her friend could get a picture and then hurried off.

It was time to head home but not before looking back and getting one more shot of this beautiful area.
To be continued...


Darin Gemmer said...

Glad you enjoyed the bridge. I don't remember the trail as hard or steep, but I was doing a lot more rock climbing back then...

FYI, we got to the trailhead in our Daewoo rental car. It was a fun drive to say the least!

michelle said...

I think that filter should come standard on all digital cameras!!