Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Two blogs for the price of one

We love to share our pictures and it's great to see them used and posted on other peoples Blogs. That is until last week when we spent some time at our daughter Deanna and Darin's. While there I got several pictures of our granddaughter, Daisy. My plan was to use them in our next Blog, that is until I checked out Deanna's Blog and found out she beat us to it. Oh well you will just have to visit her site to see what the fun was all about. A two year old's first time on a horse.

Darin is the Program Director at Miracle Ranch, a Christian camp for kids. They have a home on the back area of the property near the barn with a huge grassy area around their home. The pictures don't really show how steep it is getting down to the house, but here we are in the upper right getting ready to head down the hill and try to get the rig level.

It took some time to get it just right and two wheels up on blocks. We hooked up to fresh water and ran an extension cord into one of the windows for a little power. Next time here we hope to extend our sewer hose and get hooked up to the septic system. No big thing, just have to get under the house and see what's there to connect to. Next time we think we will try to back straight down if we can get the rig turned around at the top.

This is just another reason to visit: Dick has two of his girls sitting on his lap. CC was a little concerned when Daisy was around. She learned fast to head for parts unknown when she started to get too close.

Just down the road was a salt water beach at Purdy Washington. Took a trip down there one day to let Daisy toss rocks into the water. Daisy started with rock in hand and staying dry. She has a good arm and can hit the water from here. But...

if I get a little closer I can make a bigger splash and it sure would be more fun. I can still stay a little dry.

I think I will head out further and see if there are better rocks out there. Careful Mom, the tide is coming in and you are going to get wet.

This is just too much fun, who cares if I get a little wet. The only thing dry is her hat but she can sure find more rocks out here to throw.

Heading back to get warm and ...

To be continued...


Jen said...

What adorable pictures! Thank you for going to help with Daisy so Deanna could come help us! It's a blessing to count you in our family.

Deanna said...

They were just too cute not to share! Thanks for these ones.

Anonymous said...

Just me, checking in to see what you are doing and where. The pictures of Daisy are just too cute. I even check out Deanna's blog. How lucky you are to have such a great family. The new baby should be soon judging from the pictures at the salt water park. Be sure to let me know.