Monday, July 13, 2009

Visits from Grandchildren

Sorry to have taken so long between posts. We moved from Miracle Ranch to Thousand Trails Chehalis on June 26th. This is our first time at a Thousand Trails park (thanks again, Bud and Marlene), and we picked a good one. It is quite large with over 300 sites, lots of trees, two pools (one just for adults), two halls (family and adult), and lots of activities.

Happy 4th of July! Here is a photo of our flags flying over the rig.
Then our grandkids arrived. First we had Jacob (13) and Molly (almost 12). They live about 60 miles from here, so we drove up and picked them up to bring them back to the campground. Kids will be kids--the fire was fascinating. Here Jacob is attempting to cut a board in two with a hatchet. He said this was the first time he was able to use a hatchet.
He was very persistent! And later he showed Molly how to do it. It took him over an hour with a dull hatchet to finally get throught the piece of wood.

Both Jacob and Molly enjoyed playing with the fire. We had a fire each of the three nights they were with us. And, of course, s'mores. Jacob learned how to build a fire and on the last night he did the fire including cutting all the wood, laying the fire and starting it--and a very good job, too.

And then the pool! They practically lived there during the days. And the weather was perfect.

They spent some time walking with CC and playing with her.

Then a few days after taking Jacob and Molly home we drove back to Spanaway and picked up Maya (10) and Macey (7). Here are these two playing with the fire. We don't think a kid can be by the fire with out trying to burn sticks. They had a ball and no one got burnt.

Unfortunately the weather wasn't quite as good for Macey and Maya's visit, but it got better toward the end. Here they are after having their faces painted.

And swimming. They also spent quite a bit of time in the pool; so much so that they looked like prunes!

Deanna, Darin and Daisy visited us one day while Maya and Macey were here. Daisy also loved the pools. Here she is in the kiddie pool playing with two cups, which kept her entertained for quite some time.

Back at camp all she wanted to do was run up and down the road by our campsite. She loved chasing and getting chased by her cousins!

And here we all are once again around the campfire. Daisy had her first s'more, and you can see pictures of it on Deanna's blog. Nice big campsites but it's about 1 mile from our camp to the main entrance.
To be continued...

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michelle said...

I know they all had a great time with G'ma and G'pa! Thanks so much! I love the pics of Jake working on his wood project!