Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy birthday Guy (7/21/1939)

Today is my Big Brothers Birthday, wow 70 years old and still up and running on at least seven of his eight cylinders. He lives in Ephrata and keeps busy with his yard, shop, Ham radio and traveling.

On Saturday the 11Th of this month his daughter in law, with some help from his Son Dante, put together a great BD party for him at Saltwater State Park in Des Moines with lots and lots of family members on both his side and Joan's. It was sure great to see family members that we have not had a chance to share some time with in several years.

The weather was perfect (It rained the next day), the tide was out for the kids to search the beach for creatures. Great planning, Shosh you did a great job and it turned out to be a super party in a great place.

The only way we could get near the cake to get a picture of it was on the back side, so that would be easy, just turn the picture over. At least we got a picture before it was cut.

The birthday boy with his sister, Doll, wondering why the cake is still sitting there and not cut.

Tables were set up and a special table for cards, presents and some very "old" pictures to share.

This is a view of the party and the beautiful backdrop of Puget Sound. Glad it was here as it was 10 to 15 degrees warmer away from the beach.

All these people and just two dogs. That would be Murphy and C C.

Shosh had it "catered" by Costco and really outdid herself on the food. Aunt Doll brought kites for all the kids from her shop in Westport.

Where would we be without another picture of Guy, Doll and Dick. Our baby sister is about 9 years younger than Dick so still has a few years until she retires. That is unless you want to purchase a kite/toy store that comes with a home, garage/shop, Salmon charter boat and office all in one big package. No charge for the plug here Doll.

Not every day we get all 3 sisters together, so here is a picture of Deanna, Debbie and Michelle.

And a parting shot of 3 of the younger generation enjoying each other sitting on a log bridge about 8' from the beach below. Aren't Cousins great?

Happy Birthday Big Brother and we wish you many more!!!
To Be continued...


michelle said...

it was a fun day. I wasn't there when the cake was cut, did anyone stick their fingers in it first?

Dick & Jackie said...

Yes, Guy did, right in front of Daisy (not sure if she understood, though). Said he was "just carrying on a tradition".

Guy said...

Well first off a giant thankyou for the pictures here and the old one's. It felt so very good to have everyone come to the party. The only bad part was me not being able to visit with everyone as much as I would have liked. It has been way too long between visits with so many of the crew. We should make an excuse to do it more often. Again thanks to all for a great day!!!!

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