Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's a Girl -- Baby Dani

On Wednesday, July 29 (the hottest day EVER on record), the second daughter of our daughter Deanna and her husband Darin arrived. Another big girl -- 9 lbs, 2 oz, 20" long, Danielle Louise Gemmer. Here is a picture of baby Dani and her Mama.

The whole family, including big sister Daisy admiring Dani. We were lucky enough to stay with Daisy while her parents went to Tacoma to have the baby. Then after her nap we all went to the hospital. You can't see it, but her shirt says "I'm the Big Sister". And a great one, if we might say so.

Here is Gram (Jackie) holding the sweet baby. What fun!

And proud Grandpa (Dick). (He actually let Jackie take some pictures so he could hold the baby.)

Can you tell Daisy is enamored with her baby sister? This was day two in the hospital. She could hardly wait until after nap to go!

Papa (Darin) holding Dani's foot. She was a big baby, but still seems very small.

Auntie Debbie welcoming her new niece. (Auntie Michelle also came, but after we had gone, so we didn't get any pictures.)

We brought the family home on Friday, July 31st. Still hot, but not as bad. Then on Sunday, Deanna wanted to get out of the house (cabin fever, you know), so we all went down to the lake where Darin swam with Daisy. The rest of us sat in the shade. The heat didn't seem to bother Dani, as you can see by this picture. Of course it was like holding a hot water bottle! (But we won't complain.)

Isn't she just the most precious?

We are so enjoying our time here with the two little ones (and their Mama and Papa). We will be here for another two weeks or so, then "on the road again". We are trying to take advantage of "down time" to clean out the rig and get rid of stuff we haven't used. Of course Dick is able to do that more than Jackie as the nurses made her promise to help the new mom with housework, cooking, taking care of the two year old, etc. But what a nice assignment!

To be continued....


Team Eddy said...

She's a pretty cute hot water bottle. Congratulations, grandparents!

michelle said...

Those are such great shots of that new little niece of mine! I'm jealous you get to spend so much time with her!! Have fun.

Deanna said...

Great shots. Now do I get a copy?

roxy39 said...

Nice pictures. Such a proud time for all.
John, Roxanne, & Maddy