Thursday, August 27, 2009

M's, horse and new hobby

We were thrilled that Jackie's brother and sister-in-law, Brett and Katie, invited us to join them and several other family members at the Mariners' game on August 12th. Their daughter, Megan, had recently married an employee of the Mariners, and she obtained a "suite" for the game. Brett and Katie graciously provided all the food and drinks as well as picking us up at Tacoma Mall. What a great experience! Thanks so much, B & K!
A view of the infield from our suite:
And the outfield:

A view of the suite:

Jackie talking to Brett and Megan from our seating area:

Our hosts, Katie and Brett:

A view of the crowd and the "cheap seats":

Final score at the bottom of the 14th was 1 to 0 with an exciting base hit by Jr. who was brought in at the last minute.

A shot for the kids with the infield in the back and us in our M's hats. We had a ball, and Dick brought one home, thanks to one of the kids with our group who had two and wanted to share.

Before we left Miracle Ranch they had a day where they took all interested staff out on trail rides for about an hour each. It had been over 25 years since Dick and Jackie had ridden horses; not sure if and when there was a last time.
Dick got a horse that had a mind of it's own but he was able to maintain control and show who was boss.

Before "hitting the trail" Deanna got this cute shot of Grandpa and Daisy in the saddle.

Had to get a shot after returning of "Dick's cowgirl". All went well and we had a good time.

With all the rocks that we have found and Dick's run through the tumbler he decided it was time to take on a new hobby and try to do a little silver wire wrapping. This is his first and second attempt; he is not happy with the results but he will just have to keep practising and it will get better. He is using a silver coated copper wire at this time because of the high cost of silver and a it's a little hard to work.
He will just have to keep trying.
We left Miracle Ranch on the 20th and are now at Soap Lake, WA visiting friends and family in Ephrata as well as catching up on our doctor and dentist visits. We're both feeling better, so plan to become more active if the weather allows (currently 96 degrees).
To be continued...


Anonymous said...

So nice to see a good range of pictures here. they are usually amazing nature shots. I'm not even going to tell Jason about the M's game and suite. We are usually in the cheap seats... if we go at all! The jewelry is truly awesome, Dad!! I'm very impressed! Debbie once gave me a bracelet like that but it broke. I loved that bracelet too, mostly because it was handmade. You should set up a little table wherever you go and sell those! Great job!!

Jen said...

I was impressed with the wrapping, but I know Dick is a perfectionist. Enjoy Soap Lake...I just got back from there last weekend and had my first experience in their water.