Saturday, October 17, 2009

Goals accomplished...

When we left Washington our goal was to get to Minnesota, do some family research, take a hard right keeping the falling snow behind us and get to Texas where we could get back into shorts and T-shirts. Well, we accomplished that goal and we are now sitting in Point Texas in shorts.

The trip was not all gravy as we traveled 2,675 miles in 29 days and made 15 stops. Not much to see in most places but we still had a great time and were able to see some of the country that we had never seen before. We went through Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, North Dakota again, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and finally into Texas.

We ran into a lot of rain from Minnesota south but kept the snow behind us. A day or two of rain and a day or two without it.

Last Sunday in Oklahoma we went to the local United Methodist Church in Norman, a few blocks from University of Oklahoma and were we surprised when we got there.

We have visited a lot of UM Churches and most have been small. Two weeks before there were 22 people at a little church and that included the minister and his wife. When we got to the church and got out of the truck, this is the side of the church that greeted us.

We were rather shocked when we walked across the street and realized that the building spanned the whole block. The inside was as beautiful as the outside. Wow, what a facility and it was full of people. We must be in the south ("Bible Belt").

Deanna, they are looking for a full time children choir and education leader. They had three choirs, one was the chancel, one for youth and the last for what looked like kids under about 8. Did we mention that they all had over 3o people in each choir and all in robes. They had an enormous pipe organ, and all of the music was beautiful. That did not include the youth bell ringers. Needless to say, we were very impressed.

Across the street from the church was their pumpkin sales for the community. This also gives a better view of the front of the church.

We arrived in Texas last Monday under cloudy skies, set up the rig and spent the rest of the afternoon doing laundry and just relaxing. And then it hit-- the rain started in the night and continued all day Tuesday with over 3" of rain. The lake that we are camped on started to rise and several people had to move there rigs. It got close to us but we stayed above water. Look behind the awning and you can see how wet it was around here.

This is the road in another part of the park, glad we didn't set up down here.

On Wednesday the rain let up but the fog came in and with it came the humidity. It was in the low 70s with humidity at close to 100%, the temperature and humidity stayed that way all night long. Neither of us slept well that night.

The moisture clung to everything including this spider's web. I think the spider left to find a drier locale.

The State Fair of Texas was going on and Thursday was senior day (free entrance) so off we went to Dallas. The day was a lot cooler and the humidity went down to about 70% so it was a lot better than the day before.

The fair was fun with lots of color and people. It completely surrounds the Cotton Bowl stadium so it was a long walk all the way around to see it all.

Yes Jackie was able to get on the rides, barely.

Friday and Saturday (today) it has been in the low 70s with a lot lower humidity so have been out and about checking out the area, including the Hwy 80 Garage Sale (miles of it).

Tomorrow we head out, going further south with reservation in Willis Texas for two weeks and then we have to sit down and figure out where we will go after that.
To be continued...


Deanna said...

Wow! What an awesome church. So beautiful. And the pumpkin patch is cool too. I'm just not sure we're ready to move to Texas just yet!

Hey, Leah (formerly) Colborne just blogged about a visit to the Texas State Fair. Perhaps they are near where you guys are? You should track them down and have a visit!

Also, I've been single-momming it this weekend. Darin's off helping the Eddy's remodel their bathroom. Not too much downtime to call right now, and of course evenings are tricky with the time difference. Keep trying me!

Love you guys.

Debbie said...

That church is amazing! It's funny that you went to the Texas State fair b/c a co-worker of mine just returned from a trip to Dallas and attended the same fair. Did you notice all the fried food offerings? She said they had fried coke and fried lattes. Not sure how they did that. In Minnesota apparently you can get Fried Hot Meal on a stick- which is a casserole, somehow fried and put on a stick for easy eating. Odd. Love the spider web and pumpkin photos! Miss you guys.

Dick & Jackie said...

Hey Deb, they also had fried butter, really good for the old ticker.


Guy said...

Hi all and good to see sometyhing from the girls too. We are at the campground parked at Zion NP. Been here a few days and leaving Friday to Los Wages for a couple of nights and then off to Parker,AZ. Weather here was nice but the last day or so kinda cool. Not shorts weather for sure. Supposed to be that way when we get to Parker....I hope
Love you all and see ya soon guy and joan