Thursday, October 1, 2009

Montana, North Dakota and into Minnesota

We finally continued east on Highway 2 for another 189 miles to Havre Montana where we found a small RV park about 5 miles out of town (away from the RR). The main reason to go here was to get tires for the truck (no tax in Montana) which were ordered on-line and sent to the Wal-Mart store where we had them installed. Before going to the campground we stopped at Wal-Mart. After much searching, it was discovered that the tires had arrived. So we scheduled an appt for tomorrow. After setting up we took a swing through town to wash out the back of the truck (Dick spilled gear oil). Then we stopped at Murphy's Bar for a beer, a glass of wine and an appetizer (dinner). The next day while the tires were being installed we did some shopping at Wal-Mart. After lunch we went into town and went on the "Havre Under the Streets" tour.

This is just one of the rooms and our tour director showing us around the old part of the city that is all under the main buildings in town.

The tour took over an hour and took in quite a few various business including the one below. This room had rows of beds screened off from one another. Draw your own conclusion to the use of this area.

Two nights in Havre and then off again to Williston North Dakota. This was the longest day on the road that we have had in the last 17 months of travel; we ended up driving 318 miles that day. It was an easy drive with a book on tape and very little other traffic on the road.
On the trip Dick took this picture, can you figure out what is going on?

Here is another shot just pulling back a little bit. The back of the truck was all polished aluminum. Interesting reflection.

We did very little in this town so on the road again to Rugby North Dakota, only 187 miles. Forgot to mention - we flew in with the wind. Whew! And it brought a decrease in temperature. We went to church at the local Methodist/Presbyterian combination church (and we both wore coats!). Very small group, but nice service. Then we "hunkered down" for an afternoon of football and wind!
The only thing we got a picture of was this monument showing the location of "Geographical Center of North America".

Next to the monument was this sign showing that Neah Bay, WA is 1100 Miles (as the crow flies)

That's it for pictures this posting but should let you know that we continued across North Dakota to Crookston Minnesota where we set up camp for two nights at Central Park in the middle of town. We looked for those two days and never found anyone to pay for our spot so ended pulling out with free camping. I think they figured we were there for the sugar beet harvest like all the other campers there.
We spent time at the local museum with Doris, who came and opened up the building for us and helped us try and find and history on Jackie's great grandfather. We ended up with a couple of leads to be followed up later. Thank you Doris for your assistance and time.
Another move, starting S-O-U-T-H to Buffalo River State Park, just east of Moorhead MN. It was quite windy with the wind from the south (head-on) and we got horrible fuel mileage. We got set up, then went into Moorhead to the archives, again to see if we could find anything on Jackie's great-grandfather. We met with Mark and looked through tax records, but no luck locating Hans Peter Jensen. Later we drove through Baker (which is really just a wide spote in the road) where we understand that he was in that area in the early 1900s. Last night we had quite the storm - thunder and lightening and rain. Still raining this morning when we headed to Fargo, ND and the Genealogical Society. Met with Linda who had done some research on her own last night. We looked through several books and did what we could to find him.
Then off to do some laundry and lunch at Red Lobster (mmmmm). We are back home now with one other rig in the park and will be heading out in the morning to visit some good friends that we met at Carlsbad earlier this year. They are work camping at a South Dakota state park. We will spend a day or two there and then really start heading south before the snow sets in around here. It has only been a week and a half since we were in shorts and T-shirts and we want to get back into those soon!
To be continued.

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Anonymous said...

good luck finding info on Jackie's ancestors. It's always cool to hear what you find out. Love the photo of you driving behind the 'mirror'. We miss you! -Michelle