Saturday, June 12, 2010

Grand Canyon South Rim

Another big check on the old bucket list of life; the Grand Canyon and well worth the trip. Following are only nine more pictures all looking down into the "big dig" from the south rim. The weather was great, except for the wind and the view spectacular to say the least. Three days at the South Rim, and a full three days -- so spectacular.

It's really hard to pick only nine more pictures to share but hope you enjoy what we have to offer. And while we are at it please excuse the long delay in posting. We had very slow connection until we moved to our present location; that's another story.

After departing the south rim we headed back into Utah for two weeks at the Western Horizon Resort called Saint George resort that was in Hurricane Utah. Never did figure that one out.

Did the Doctor and Dentist and truck maintenance things and did some sight seeing. Spent a day back at the Grand Canyon but on the north rim. Same hole in the ground but just looking at it from another view. We will spare you the pictures unless you really want to see them.

We spent another day at Zion National Park, did two of the hikes and took a tour of one of the campgrounds. While there we found out that they are looking for a campground host as the people who were to work cancelled at the last minute. Well to make a long story short we called and negotiated with the powers to be and here we are in a super site with full hook-ups for the next five weeks. The view out our back window is spectacular and we will work three days on and three days off so we will have time to see all the of the park and also visit Bryce Canyon National Park.

This will just delay our trip to Colorado and Wyoming for a little time and we are concerned about the heat in July but we will make it work for us.

So please enjoy the pictures of the Grand Canyon because most of what you will see for the next few weeks will be from Zion National Park.

Notice the person on the top of the ridge?

Just had to shoot this dead tree.

A late evening shot just before sunset.

For Michelle more pictures of the two of us standing on the "edge".

A shot with the river at the bottom looking at the east wall of the canyon.

We did a lot of walking on the rim, and the view from every curve was different. Dick actually took nearly 200 pictures, so you can see why it was hard to choose.

To be continued...


michelle said...

Beautiful shots as usual! and thanks for the one of the two of you!

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